Outdoor Hour Challenge- Bachelor’s Buttons

Outdoor Hour Challenge Bachelors Buttons @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Bachelor’s Buttons

Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages  578-579 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson #160). This is a short lesson but still full of interesting tidbits about bachelor’s buttons, or cornflower.
  • Please note that this lesson refers you to Lesson #131 on composite flowers. You will be using the ideas in Lesson #131 to complete your Bachelor’s buttons study.
  • Video: Here is a nicely made video focusing on Bachelor’s buttons: https://youtu.be/nE8Wper3LzY

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • This is a perfect time of year to take a garden walk.
  • If you have your own flower garden, make a special point to prepare your child for a garden nature study by explaining what you will be looking for during your fifteen minutes outdoors.
  • If you need to visit a local flower garden, make sure to explain that you can’t always pick flowers if they belong to someone else without their permission.
  • Look for this week’s flower or look for plants at your garden nursery to observe.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create your nature journal entry featuring a Bachelor’s button or another garden flower you observed for this challenge. There are notebook pages in the ebook for you to use.
  • Advanced Study: Research the difference between annual flowers and perennials.

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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – July 2015 Twilight

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July 2015 Twilight

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New Bird to Our Life List- Pinyon Jay

What happens when you discover something new? How do you learn about a bird that you don’t recognize?

On the third day of our visit to the Grand Canyon, we rode the Orange shuttle all the way out to Yaki point, the last stop on the route. We were only trying to find a bit of solitude to hike in away from the crowds at the rim and the chatter of groups of hikers. Maybe they don’t realize what they are missing by endlessly talking as they walk or they just don’t know how to experience the beauty of a national park. Anyway, we achieved what we were looking for and set out along the rim to the east of the shuttle stop.

Grand Canyon

We walked and stopped occasionally to scramble out to a rock on the edge so  we could view the vista and take a photo or two. At some point, we became aware of some birds chattering from the tree tops. Lots of birds! The sound was unfamiliar and loud.

pinyon jay

We chased them down and observed a large flock of the birds chattering in the trees. They flew overhead once and we were able to take a closer look. We could tell they were about the size of a robin, they were bluish gray, and had a large black beak. This helped us later to figure out which bird it was.

After we returned to our campsite, I looked the bird up in my field guide. It was a pinyon jay!

You can read more about the pinyon jay here: All About Birds – Pinyon Jay.

Here is what it sounds like: Pinyon Jay Sound.

How about a video? Pinyon Jays.