Outdoor Hour Challenge – Wildflower Hike

Wildflower 1

We have enjoyed a few hikes to the river this month and I thought I would share a glimpse of our wildflowers here in Northern California.

photo 2(4)

Purple vetch

photo 1(3)

Purple lupine

photo 1(4)

Miniature lupine

photo 3(1)

Just an image of the American River at sunset…serenity!

photo 3(2)

This one is new to us!!! It is a California peony (Paeonia californica). It was just one plant alongside the path and we almost missed it!

photo 4

Pretty Faces

photo 5(1)

White Fairy Lantern


Scotch Broom

I hope you enjoyed seeing my spring wildflowers and now you can go out to find your own! You might want to use the printable photo hunt below to get you started.


Free Printable Wildflower Photo Hunt

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Trillium

Outdoor Hour Challenge Trillium Flower Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Trillium Flower Study


Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Take an early spring wildflower walk again this week. If you have already been out in the woods for previous challenges, make comparisons and look for new things blooming and growing. Look for trilliums or any of the flowers listed in this ebook to observe and enjoy.
  • Take photos of any wildflowers you find and/or use a field guide to identify them.
  • Use the suggestions from the lesson in the Handbook of Nature Study. At the very least, note the three leaves, three petals, and three sepals.
  • Draw the leaf and flower in detail then measure the height of the plant. Record all of these observations in your nature journal or on the notebook page provided in this ebook.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Make a reminder to look for the berries in the summer.
  • Create a list in your nature journal of all the wildflowers you find blooming this spring. Use a field guide to identify any flowers you don’t know yet.
  • There is a Spring Flower Study notebook page included in the ebook that you can use with any spring flower you find to observe in detail.

Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library
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Spring Nature Study Continues Ebook

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Nature Collection – Nature Journal

Nature Collection journal page

This month there are two things I am aiming to include in my nature journal….something I collect and several items from the printable list found in the month’s newsletter.

First I cut the list from the newsletter and adhered it to my nature journal page. Then after taking a little walk in my garden, I wrote a simple poem at the top and illustrated it with a stylized dogwood blossom. I messed up and left out a word so I had to squeeze it in at the right place. At first it bugged me to have a mistake but I know that over time it won’t matter. The most important thing is to get the thoughts down on paper.

I also sketched and created a caption for the Pretty Faces I saw on a hike a few days ago. These are in full bloom down by the river right now and it was the first flower I thought of when I brought out the colored pencils to sketch.

Then I left the page as it was until I had collected a wildflower to press and adhere to the page. This month there are several wildflowers featured as part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of the flowers here in my part of the world. So we did the next best thing and just looked for any spring wildflowers to observe.

press flowers lupine fringe pod nature journal (3)

Here are the three items I collected to put in my flower press: lupine, some sort of purple grass, and some fringe pods. After a few days, I adhered the lupine on the journal page.

Nature Collection journal page with a flap

I wanted to add a photo from one of our hikes but I had run out of room so I added a flap to the page and put it there next to the other items from the nature list.

Nature Journal with a Flap

I cut a piece of cardstock that was big enough to mount the photo on and then adhered the cardstock to the page with transparent tape. This is a simple way to expand a special page.

I hope that my example helps you to create a journal page with something you collect this month or to use the newsletter printable list.

Once a Month Nature Journal Collection @handbookofnaturestudy

You can find the original project ideas by following this link: Nature Journal Collection.

The Nature Journal Project explanation can be found here: Once a Month Nature Journal Project 2015.

I have created a Pinterest Board for journal page examples. I will label each entry with the prompt that describes it best for future reference.

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