Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – Fall Flowers Edition

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September 2014 – Fall Flowers

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Contents of this edition of the newsletter include:

  • 3 fall flower related articles with loads of practical ideas
  • Nature Table ideas from a veteran Outdoor Hour Challenge participant
  • Spotlight Family – The Vels
  • Newsletter Contest – Mystery Photo
  • The next month’s selections for Preschool Nature Table
  • BRAND NEW! Mom’s Planning Page: Use this printable page to plan your month’s nature study. There is a place to create notes to remind you of ideas you want to implement and then reminders for year-long study projects, extra topics that come up during the month, and then to send in your entries for the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. See below!

Moms Planning Page September 2014

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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – August 2014

OHC Blog Carnival

Does the summer seem to be slipping away for your family like it is for ours? The month of August has had some wild weather that included thunder and hail storms here…not normal at all. I think I am ready for September’s gifts of changing colors and honestly I think the air is different too.

Thank you to this month’s blog carnival participants and I hope that there will be some new faces as we start the new Outdoor Hour Challenges for autumn. Make sure to print tomorrow’s newsletter for a new printable nature study planner page for you to stay on top of the topics and to create a reminder for you!

Our families August entries from this month’s study (in case you missed one):

August Drought in my Yard

Insects in August – Looking for Crickets

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

Bristlecone Pine Tree - sneak peak into our trip to Great Basin National park

Bristlecone Pine Tree – sneak peak into our trip to Great Basin National park

Evening Primrose Study

Nelleke from Educaion is a Life is sharing their most wonderful Evening Primrose Study with the carnival this month! Don’t miss reading and seeing their experiences.



Janet from Pursuing Joy in the Journey has submitted two excellent nature study entries for you to enjoy. The first is their experience with Big Butterfly Count and the other is their Park Trip with some relaxed nature study with a little one.

Michelle from Following Footprints share their Summer Strolls in the Sequoias with carnival readers in this edition of the carnival. They love these giant trees as much as I do…please stop by and view her images. They also have started a new project- The Beginning of a Year Long Tree Study: Our Apple Tree. Take a look at the first season and their nature journals too.

Carol from Journey and Destination submits their entry Rocks and Wildflowers for you to view. I love the learning going on in their part of the world, both the nature journals and the sandstone information is worth a look.

Nadene from Practical Pages has submitted their entry Spring Blossoms to the carnival. It is crazy to think that they are just heading into spring as we are going into autumn. She shares not only some beautiful images but excellent examples from their nature journal. Inspiring!

Angie from Petra School is sharing their Nature Study Planning for High School. So many great thoughts in this entry and I encourage all who have a little bit older student to read and apply her suggestions. Thanks Angie!


OHC Blog Carnival

Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in September are eligible for the next edition. Send them directly to me: harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com.

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Raccoons and Skunks

Summer Raccoon and Skunk Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge:

Finish off your summer nature study with this week’s challenge to learn about the raccoon and the skunk. These are both great animals to share with your children, allowing them to learn a few facts for future reference.

Special Activity: Mammals Lapbook from Hearts and Trees

Mammals lapbook @heartsandtrees

This lapbook from Hearts and Trees is a fantastic way to introduce mammals or to dig deeper into a mammal study for your family. Pop over to Hearts and Trees to see all the details.
Getting Started Suggestion:

If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #3.  Take some time this week to work through this challenge and then follow up with a simple drawing in your nature journal. You can record your drawing in your nature journal or use the accompanying notebook page.

Autumn nature study continues cover 2d

Our next Outdoor Hour Challenge will by on September 5, 2014 and we will be starting a BRAND NEW series of nature study challenges from the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook. You can find the details for this ebook in this entry: Introducing the Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook. All members of the Ultimate Naturalist and Journey level memberships have this ebook ready for download in their download area.

OHC Autumn Nature Study Continues Cover Button