Outdoor Hour Challenge – Bee Larkspur

Outdoor Hour Challenge Larkspur Delphinium @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Larkspur or Delphinium Study

Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages 568-571 (Lesson #157) in the Handbook of Nature Study. Read through the suggested lesson activities and pick a few to use while in your garden looking at a larkspur (delphinium).
  • Youtube video: Larkspur with bee and Delphinium seedlings.
  • If you have never worked through the Outdoor Hour Challenge on Flower Parts, this would be a great supplement to your larkspur study. Use the information and links in that challenge to learn the plant part names and then start to use them in your study of flowers. This challenge is in the Garden Flowers ebook if you have a membership to the Handbook of Nature Study.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Find a flowering larkspur to observe either in your garden or at your local garden nursery. Use the suggestions from the lesson to help your child see the way an insect pollinates this beautiful flower.
  • Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

How does the bee hold on to the flower?
Where does it thrust its tongue?

  • Advanced study: Make note of all the flower parts while closely looking at a larkspur blossom.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry featuring the larkspur (or delphinium). There are two notebook pages included in the ebook, one for a larkspur study and one for a general summer flower study.

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