Miscellaneous Nature Study Using The Outdoor Hour Challenges

Mushroom, Lichen, Moss, Fern Challenges
#41 Flowerless Plants Overview
#42 Moss and Lichen
#43 Molds, Puffballs, Morels
Mushrooms (Autumn)
Extraordinary in the Ordinary – Mushrooms
Mushroom Cap Shapes Notebook Page
Moss Observation Notebook Page
Parts of  a Mushroom Notebook Page
Bracket Fungi (Nature Study Continues – Autumn)
Stinkhorn Nature Study (Nature Study Continues – Autumn)
Scarlet Cup (Nature Study Continues – Winter)


Weather Challenges
#39 Weather Challenge #1
#40 Fall Seasonal Weather Challenge
Spring Weather 
Winter Weather
Cloud Observations 
Weather Study with Weather Sounds Printable Notebook Page
Weather Walk – free printable notebook page
Seasonal Weather with Four Seasons Notebook Pages
Weather Record Chart – printable notebook page
Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library
Seasonal Challenges
The Winter World
November World
December World

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish
Reptile Study – Snakes
Invertebrates – Earthworms
Invertebrates – Garden Snails (Spring Splendor)
Trout and Salmon 
Turtles and Pondweed (Summer Sizzle)
Field Trip Notebook Page
Frog Field Guide Notebook Page
Reptile Notebook Page
Lizard, Gecko, Anole Study (Autumn Nature Study Continues)
Spring Peepers (Spring Nature Study Continues)
Newts (Spring Nature Study Continues)
Crayfish (Spring Nature Study Continues)

Rock Related Challenges
Salt Study 
Quartz Study (More Nature Study Book #2 Winter Wonder)
Granite Study and Other Igneous Rocks (More Nature Study Book #4 Summer Sizzle)
Sand and Soil (Summer Sizzle)
Rock Observation Challenge - free printable chart
Rock Study Using a Magnifying Lens – free printable notebook page
Rock Collection Ideas – free printable activity
Rock Study and printable game activity
Mica Rock Study (Nature Study Continues – Autumn)
Feldspar Study (Nature Study Continues – Winter)
Crystal Study (Nature Study Continues – Winter)

Sky and Stars
Winter Sky and Stars  
Moon and Moon Names
Winter Sky
Year-Long Big Dipper Study 
Moon and Craters Nature Study
My Backyard At Night Notebook Page  (free printable)
Night Sky Study- Cassiopeia (Nature Study Continues – Autumn)
Orion Study (Nature Study Continues – Winter)

Pond and Fish Study
Seasonal Pond Study 
Fish Nature Study and  Definition Copywork Page
Goldfish Nature Study
Seasonal Cattail Nature Study 
Miscellaneous Challenges
#21 Notebook Challenge
Autumn Nature Journal - Field Notebook
Small Square Study (Winter)
Small Square Study – free printable notebook page (2012)

Winter Berries (Autumn Nature Study Continues)


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