Once a Month Nature Journal Project Signs – From the Archives

Once a Month Nature Journal Project

Signs – From the Archives

If you’re looking for a simple idea for a nature journal page, try creating a page using a photo of a sign from your outdoor adventure. Adhere the photo to your page and then  describe the place, create a detailed list of things you observed, or tell the story of your day.

Grand Canyon Sign

Nature Journal Page Ideas

  • Find an interesting sign during a nature walk and either take the time to sketch it or take a photo.
  • Use the sign to create the basis for some notes or a caption on your nature journal page.
  • Make it a long-term project to find signs every time you go on a walk or hike.

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Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy

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Getting Started with Nature Journals

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Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge: Great Egret Nature Study

Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge

Great Egret Nature Study

The great egret is one of those birds that once you can identify it, you start to see it everywhere! This unique bird is both majestic and interesting.

Make sure to read the entry on AllAboutBirds: Great Egret.

Fun fact: During breeding season, a patch of skin on their face turns neon green.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Great Egret graphic

Below you’ll find a few ideas for an egret study. Make sure to download and use the complete Outdoor Hour Challenge from the Bird Set #1 ebook available in the member’s library.


We see egrets regularly, but I rarely get a good image.

  •  Choose a resource to use for the great egret, ardea alba.
  • Here are some videos for you to watch in preparation: Great Egret Hunting, During Nesting Season, and this one is just plain beautiful with its close up video of the Great Egret.
  • Make a day trip to a habitat where you might see a great egret or other water bird. Take your field guide along and try to identify any bird you spot during your Outdoor Hour. Look for birds hunting along the shore or wading in the water.

Please note that I will not be posting the complete challenge here on the blog, but you will find the detailed challenge in the Bird Nature Study Set #1 ebook that’s available both in the Ultimate Naturalist and Journey level memberships. Sign into your account and download the ebook for the details, more links, and notebook page.

Bird Set ebook cover image

Birds included in this ebook include the pelican, sandhill crane, Clark’s nutcracker, egret, American dipper, horned lark, magpie, swan, and snipe.

Download a sample of the book here: Bird Nature Study Set #1 Sample

To purchase an Ultimate Naturalist Library membership, click on over to the Join Us page at any time.

Learning About Birds 3D cover

You may also wish to download and use the Learning About Birds ebook available in the Ultimate Naturalist Library.

Learning About Birds ebook Bird List @handbookofnaturestudy

May 2021 Nature Study Plans – Outdoor Hour Challenge

May 2021 Nature Study Plans – Outdoor Hour Challenge

Our sping bird nature study continues throughout the month of May. We just saw some magpies last weekend during a camping trip and it was super exciting to note their unique shape and sound. Use the challenges each week to prepare for possible sightings in the future!

Please note that all of the birds in this series are ones not found in the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock. Instead, the challenges will be providing field notes for each birds, as well as online links and videos. If you have access to the ebook, you will also have notebooking pages and coloring pages to print and use as desired.

Bird Set ebook cover image

5/7/2021 –Egret Nature Study

5/14/2021 – American Dipper Nature Study

5/21/2021 – Horned Lark Nature Study

5/28/2021 – Magpie Nature Study

Spring Nature Hunt notebook page

Wildflower Poetry notebook page

New Printables in the Members Library

Wildflower Poetry Notebook Page: Use this notebook page to follow up a wildflower walk in your neighborhood. The suggestions will help your child write a simple poem after making wildflower observations.

Spring Nature Hunt Notebook Page: Print this activity out and take it along on a spring nature walk. Use the prompts in the grid to challenge your family to see some signs of spring. Follow up with a sketch!

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May 2021 nature planner page

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