Introduction to Insects

We are covering the introductory pages for insects this week. Let’s just say right now that I am *not* normally an insect sort of person. This is a new world for me as we embark on our study of insects.

From page 294:

“Insects are among the most interesting and available of all living creatures for nature study. The lives of many of them afford more interesting stories than are found in fairy lore; many of them show exquisite colors; and, most important of all, they are small and are, therefore, easily confined for observation.”

I am finding this to be the case in our everyday life…there are insects everywhere. The caterpillar above we found on our hike yesterday. The more we looked, the more we found. We think it is a wooly bear caterpillar which will transform into an Isabella Tiger Moth,Pyrrharctia isabella. We found this really cute website that talks about “How to Catch A Bear”. Next time we will be collecting one of the caterpillars and bringing it home to watch.

Edit: Since writing the above, I have found that I incorrectly identified the caterpillar in the photo above. It is a yellow woolly bear and is the larva of the Spotted Tussock Moth or Lophocampa maculata.
This photo is from a few years ago and it shows a little better what this little guy looks like. No wonder he is called “woolly”, he really is!

Here’s a photo from our travels yesterday…..the aspen trees are just starting to turn a golden yellow. We are hoping to drive this way again in a few weeks and see the reds and oranges of the trees too.




  1. What a great idea for a blog! You do know about these Anna Comstock dolls, don’t you? Even if they’re still “future release,” the idea of them makes me laugh.

  2. I love your wooly bear photo… and all the others – and your new blog! I will be popping in regularly for visits, Barb. Such a wonderful idea!

  3. That Handbook of Nature Study is wonderful! I am not (rather, was not)an insect person either, however as my children keep collecting and observing and reading about them…I am becoming more and more of an insect person!

  4. I’m delighted to learn about your book-based blog! I encourage you to spread the work about your investigations through the Learning in the Great Outdoors blog carnival (and others–the Carnival of the Spineless focuses specifically on inverts).

    Thanks for dropping by Pines Above Snow, too.

  5. My youngest has 2 of those caterpillars. They are now in cocoons. *Ü* She looked them up on a neat website called What’s that bug?

    One of them had 4 black spots and she named him quarto. *Ü* Can you tell she is learning Spanish. *Ü*


    PS. My daughter was so blessed by your comment on my blog about her eye drawing! Thank you….

  6. OH! OH! Pick me! I want to pet it! :) I love fuzzy furry feathery creatures. We love your blog. I found you through the Homeschool Blog Awards! Hat tip to Rhonda of Imagine

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