Shooting Stars, Miner’s Lettuce, and Hound’s Tongue

Sierra shooting star

My husband and I took a walk today to see if we could find any more wildflowers blooming early. We were not disappointed. It was a cool morning and the trail was damp but the sun was bright as we walked down the hill. Not far past the place where we parked the car, we found several beauties waiting for us.
Pacific Hound’s Tongue flower

Here is the leaf on the Pacific hound’s tongue that gives it its name. The Maidu tribe used this for stomachaches and burns.

Miner’s lettuce

Unidentified flower. I think it may be a wild carrot but I’m not sure.

This pretty little leaf is poison oak… was everywhere around the trail we were on. We didn’t notice it until this time down the trail so we will have to be more watchful climbing up and off the trail from now on. :)

I am learning the value of going on a particular trail more than once to see the differences from time to time. We are getting to know this little hill and every time we hike down it we find something new and interesting.

We stood quietly listening a few times. We were rewarded with the sound of a distant woodpecker knocking on his tree trunk. We heard some California quail with their little unique sounding bird call. If you want to hear what it sounds like, here is a link:
What for California Quail if you scroll down the page a bit, on the left side, there is a button to click to hear the quail call.

It was a refreshing hour out in the air and sunshine.


  1. It does look a lot like the wild carrot!
    I hate poison Ivy and oak… at least with nettles you can find the dock leaf to rub on it!
    You’ll have to look for jewelweed near the Poison oak :)

  2. It sounds like a great way to spend time with someone you love, too.

  3. What a lovely walk. I need just a couple more weeks and then I can start walking in the foothills in search of wildflowers. The winter was cold and snowy, and is lingering long. I don’t remember it being this cold this far into March. The old timers say this winter was much like the “good ol’ days.”

  4. Wow, those are very pretty!

  5. We have shooting stars and hound’s tongue here in our yard but they aren’t even popping out of the ground yet! How wonderful that yours are blooming already :) Beautiful pictures.

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