Everyone Has Their Own Style-Nature Journals

This is how your own personality comes out in your nature journal.

My daughter and I each were sitting on a rock and looking pretty much at the same scene below Yosemite Falls. How could our perceptions have been so different?

It is just so interesting to me that we could each focus on something different…..I focused on Half Dome and she focused on the lovely stream of water and rocks.

I just thought you might be interested to see how there is no “right” answer when you are nature journaling.


  1. I like both of your pages! And, it is neat how you both took such a different perspective.

    I have so far only used pencil in my journal – and there aren’t a lot of pages! I just might have to try a little color after seeing yours.

  2. Very interesting! And also just another testiment to our different perspectives and personalities fashioned by our Creator. I love both of the journals! This reminds me that we need to get back to some more free nature drawing times.

    Blessings, Melissa

  3. WOW! I like both of them too.


  4. I just found your blog via the CM Carnival–great resource!

  5. And a good reminder that a nature journal isn’t something that we need to be grading.
    I need to remember to separate my desire to help the boys draw their visions better and making them feel that their journal entries aren’t up to snuff.

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