Outdoor Hour Challenge #40 Seasonal Weather Study

Autumn weather nature study @handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com
Last week we read through a large section of the Handbook of Nature Study on water forms and hopefully everyone was able to go outside and observe the weather conditions in your particular area of the world. 

We went outside on several days to try to catch some clouds and it just didn’t happen. I am going to save our official entry for last week’s challenge until we can draw some clouds in our journals.

This week we will start a year long, four season weather observation study. This challenge will be to make a record of some sort of your record during the current season….autumn. I have put together a simple weather study notebook page if you want to use it for your records or you can simply record the information in your a nature journal.

Outdoor Hour Challenge #40
Weather Challenge #2
Seasonal Weather Observation-Autumn

1. Read pages 790-791, sections on Thermometer Scales in Use and Distribution of the Temperature and Pressure, in the Handbook of Nature Study. Read the sections with a view to finding a few facts to share with your children this week about what influences the temperature and the atmosphere around us.

“The heat received on the earth from the sun is the controlling factor in all weather conditions.”
Handbook of Nature Study, page 791

2. Pick a day this week to spend 15-20 minutes outdoors observing the weather and recording the conditions using the My Seasonal Weather Notebook Page. We will be completing a weather study challenge during each season in the coming year and the more detailed you get in your observations, the easier it will be to compare the weather from season to season.

My Seasonal Weather Notebook Page

3. To follow up your outdoor time, spend a few minutes discussing what you experienced with your children. Find out if they have any questions about the weather that you can research together this week. The Handbook of Nature Study on pages 812-814 lists numerous specific weather related activities that will help demonstrate weather concepts for your children. Please complete any of the activities that interest your family and that you have time to complete.

4. For your nature journal this week, fill out the My Seasonal Weather Notebook Page. If you prefer to record you observations into your nature journal and not on a notebook page, look to the sample blank chart on page 791 of the Handbook of Nature Study for a basic record keeping idea.


weather lapbook
You may also be interested in purchasing a complete weather lapbook from my daughter over at Hearts and Trees. The lapbook includes: a winter nature journal, kinds of clouds, moon log, weather words, wind scale, weather record, weather forecasting, and space for your own weather poem. All for $2.95.


  1. These challenges are just great! I am starting to “get it” on how to use the Handbook. We finally have a digital camera so we can post photos in addition to scanning drawings. I really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into all this!

  2. We are loving the weather nature studies!! Looking forward to more studies on weather ….actually I am looking forward to whatever you are offering!!!! =o) God Bless you–Angie in GA

  3. This was a great study. Now we are going to have to do the weather lapbooking pages that we got from Hearts and Trees.

  4. I will be back tomorrow to add my link, hoping Mr. Linky will be working again! If not, here is my blog link:
    This was a fun one! (They all have been, though!)

  5. So enjoying the seasonal studies…I love seeing the changes that take place. Thank you Barb for letting us in on how you enjoy your family…such an inspiration!

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