Outdoor Hour Challenge #47 Seasonal Tree Study-Winter

Outdoor Challenge #47
Seasonal Tree Observation-Winter

1. We are now completing our full circle study of a tree in our yard. If you completed challenges 11, 20, and 36, you will now be observing your tree in its fourth season. This week you will use the suggestions on pages 624-625 of the Handbook of Nature Study to make general winter observations of your tree. You can record your thoughts either in your nature journal or on the Seasonal Tree Study page provided below.

2. Take your 10-15 minute outdoor time to study your tree. If you are just starting out with a tree study, pick a tree from your yard that you can watch through all four seasons. The Handbook of Nature Study suggests taking a twig from your tree and looking at the tree’s buds carefully. See page 624 #3 for more details.

3. After your outdoor time, complete your Seasonal Tree Study notebook page or record your tree observations in your nature journal. You can take photos of your tree to put in your nature journal. The Handbook of Nature Study suggests sketching your tree to show its shape as it stands bare. Take a few minutes to talk about your time outdoors to see if there is anything that your child wants to learn more about. Follow up any interest shown.

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  1. Just found your site a few days ago and have been enjoying the posts and your podcast. I keep getting -server down for 10 minutes- when I try to download the pdf. Are these stored at any other site?

  2. Hi Missy,

    Sometimes the SaveFile site goes down for a while and then it works just fine. I am in the process of moving things to a more reliable site.

    The pdfs are not a vital part of the OH Challenge since they really are exactly what I have on the blog.

    Keep checking the SaveFile site and hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. We did our study today since the rest of the week is supposed to be chilly cold!

  4. I posted this in the Winter Wednesday challenge as well. This beech will be our focus of attention for many years to come, and in a way I find it appropriate to start getting acquainted with him in Winter.

  5. I don’t think I ever posted the autumn tree study (which we did do) so it was fascinating to see the four seasons pictures next to each other. Thank you for doing this!

  6. We finally got around to doing or at least posting our tree study. We are looking forward to the bird study. Hopefully we will participate more than we have the last few months.

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