Winter Wednesday: Trees-Cones

Winter Wednesday
Week 5 Trees Part 2

1. Read chapter five in Discover Nature in Winter. Once again, this chapter covers more than just cedar trees in its information and activities. As you read the chapter, keep your pen in hand to jot down ideas that come to you as you read the information and the suggested activities.

2. Since this chapter really covers a variety of evergreens, our family will be focusing on our local evergreens as part of this week’s activity. We will be completing two activities to go along with this chapter, one a short term project and one a long term project.

Cone Collection on page 96 (short term)
Tree Community on page 97 (long term)

For the cone collection we will be gathering and comparing cones from different evergreens. I love the idea on the top of page 97 to pick a cone and write a description of it in your nature journal. Then you share the description with someone else and they have to figure out which cone you described. Love it!

For the tree community activity we will be using our backyard sequoia to develop an ongoing list of creatures that use the tree as part of their community. This activity suggests keeping track of when certain birds and animals frequent the tree to see patterns. See page 98 for a sample chart.

I know that there are families that are following along without the book but this week’s nature study is one you can complete very easily. Here are some suggestions.
1. Observe and compare the bark of two trees in your yard.
2. Pick a tree you can see from your window and observe any birds or animals that visit over the next week.
3. Collect cones and compare them in your nature journal. See if you can find the seeds inside the cone.

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  1. I had this ready for the Outdoor Hour, and when I read this entry thought: it fits here too.

    This tree study is so rich, there are so many facets to explore. I think we’ll be coming back to it many more times, and not just once every season. I’d love for Amie to recognize the special place of a tree in nature!

    Thank you for the ongoing challenge!

  2. Another great week studying nature! It always feel so good to get outside, especially at this time of the year.


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