Tulips in the Garden: Wednesday Flower Study #3=Fresh Faces

Do you remember last fall when I was busy planting bulbs and sharing the process? I am now reaping the benefits of our labor….in the form of gorgeous tulips.

Breathtaking flowers that are amazing in color and shape. It makes me want to plant more!

We took the opportunity to do a little nature study using the Handbook of Nature Study.

“There are a great many varieties of tulips, and their brilliant colors make our gardens gorgeous in early spring….Water-coloring drawings may be used as helps in studying the tulip. The red varieties are best for beginning the study, and then follow with the other colors; note differences.”
Handbook of Nature Study, page 553 and 555

We looked at all the parts of the tulip and here is a good shot of the pollen on the inside of the petals. We also looked at tulips just opening and noted the shapes. We looked at the sepals and petals, the buds, and the open flower. We are going to wait until the petals fall off and then observe the seed pod. The HNS suggests dissecting the seed pod and making observations then.

We sketched and painted in our nature journals to remember our first bloom of tulips in this part of the garden. Previously, someone asked me about painting directly into the journal and it has never been a problem for us. We just leave the page open for a little while and it dries very nicely. I do not paint on back to back sides though.

So my best advice is to paint only on one side and let it sit long enough to dry.

One last tulip photo….

Creamy, dreamy white tulip.

Lurking in our garden at all times is the fearless Cocoa. This is her “Ferdinand the Bull” imitation….resting among the chickweed and the alyssum. Photo taken by my middle son….thanks Mr. A.

So that concludes our tulip study for this week. We now have three flowers completed and are on track to study poppies next week.

Now it is your turn. Pick a flower from the Handbook of Nature Study or from your garden and make your own flower study. You do not need to pick tulips….pick something you have in your area. Here is the first entry in this series to explain more about Wednesday Flower Study day.



  1. What beautiful pictures and beautiful flowers! I’ve never seen any in that 2-toned pink. And I love the pic of your cat – Ferdinand is one of my favorite stories ever.

  2. Beautiful! I love tulips. We have them coming up all over, but no blooms yet. I can’t wait to see what kinds and colors are there. We didn’t plant any of them ourselves; this garden is new to us.

  3. Great pictures of the tulips opening up. Lots of great information. I will go check out your E-bOOK NOW. Thanks,

  4. I always love your posts. I keep saying I’m going to plant tulips, but I’ve yet to do it. NEXT YEAR!!!

  5. Great pics. Your tulips look nothing like mine! Your tulips are so much more…colorful.

    There is a pic of my tulips here:

  6. I love tulips and these pictures are so gorgeous! I wish I could come walk through your garden and soak it all in!

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