New Outdoor Hour Challenge Ebook! Garden Flowers

Gardens ebook Outdoor Hour challenge

This ebook contains the Garden Flower Challenges as well as the Sunflower Challenges for a total of ten challenges! (Challenges 12-19 and 29-30)

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the Garden Flower and Plant Challenges ebook:

“The Outdoor Hour Challenges are different from any other nature study program. These challenges are written for the parent, encouraging them to involve the whole family in nature study.

All ages will benefit from working through these garden challenges.Gardening, especially with flowers, introduces children to a whole world to explore. Within the garden realm lies not only beauty in shapes and colors but also a complex web of life. From seed back to seed again, the flower’s growing cycle will continue and our children will begin to understand the role of seeds, flowers, and plants in nature. This truly is nature study that can be done right outside your own back door. “

What is Included in the Outdoor Hour Challenge Garden Flower and Plant Ebook

  • Ten Garden Flower and Plant Challenges
  • One suggested field trip
  • Two art projects
  • Four garden projects
  • Ten custom notebook pages
  • Lots of photos and examples from our nature journals
  • Additional materials and resources
  • Links to various types of nature study information that will help you complete the challenges
  • Tips and ideas from the Handbook of Nature Study blog
  • Links to my YouTube videos
  • Larger photos and nature journal examples
  • Sample: Gardens Ebook Sample

I listened to the families that reviewed the first Outdoor Hour Challenge eBook and included even more photos…larger than before. I have kept the same simple format with lots of suggestions and examples. I have made even more connections between the challenges and the notebook pages and I hope these pages help you get started with your nature journals in a painless way.

This ebook is appropriate for families with children of all ages and you can adapt any of the challenges to your particular locality. You can complete the challenges in any order and they are written so that you can have the flexibility to have a focus on garden flowers but still enjoy and learn about whatever kind of nature captures your child’s interest.

This is a book that will appeal to families that are just starting out with gardening as well as veteran gardeners. I am hoping that this ebook will arouse a passion for nature by observing the plants and flowers right in your backyard or neighborhood.

You can use this book at any time of the year with any flowers you have in your local area. You do not have to plant the flowers from seeds, but you can visit your local nursery and purchase a flower in a pot if you prefer. You can also use flowers in your local park or neighborhood to observe and study using the Handbook of Nature Study.

My sincere hope is that this new Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook will be an inspiration and a guide to many families in the coming months.




  1. It looks amzing!! I can’t wait to order mine!!! Thanks for all your hardwork!! Be Blessed! Angie in GA

  2. I know this is long overdue, but I posted about our using these challenges all in one post at

    Thanks for such a great product. We really enjoyed it!


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