Autumn Seasonal Weather -Blue Skies

yellow red leaves pines blue sky

We had a perfect morning for a weather study as part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Series. The air was cold, the wind was blowing, and the leaves were raining down all around us. It *felt* like autumn. Note: This morning it was 38 degrees outside..that is cold.

trees and hummingbird feeder

There are still loads of leaves left on the sweet gum trees but as of this morning, the fall color is breaking through. Reds, oranges, burgundy, and every shade in between are all popping out on the trees.

hover fly on the zinnia

Still a few insect friends in the flower garden…..look at his wings in the sun. Gorgeous and amazing. I think this is some kind of hoover fly.

Seasonal weather notebok page 1

We came back in to warm up with a bowl of soup and then our weather notebook pages were filled in and filed away in our nature journals.

I love having a specific subject for our nature study….it motivates me to spend time with the boys outdoors each week. Don’t let anyone tell you that high school age boys do not enjoy nature study.


  1. I love the perspective of the top picture. Very pretty. I liked the windy drawing too.


  2. Love the pictures! And that is good news about the high school boys…I will have one in a couple of short years!!!

  3. Lovely!! I love all your posts. Which of your packs that you sell has this weather data sheet in it? Holly

  4. Hi Holly.
    The weather sheet is free and the link is on the right sidebar.


    Thanks for all the comments from everyone…it was a great day to focus on the weather.


  5. There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a crisp autumn day! Nature study is a bonus too!

  6. We are doing our weather study today, too.

    I just wanted to say I am so glad we are getting back on track with this and am actually sorry we stopped! It has brought such refreshment to our home school environment just to look outside and enjoy NATURE. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this sight for others to use! You are such a gem!

  7. Christin,

    Yah! You are back….thanks for the kind words too.


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