Winter Cattails-Surprised Again!

We started our cattail study last fall with this entry: Cattails in Autumn.

We had two locations to visit for this study….one within walking distance and another up on our regular walking trail on the other side of town.

Here are the cattails near our house.
Cattail 12 09
Our cattails are starting to look a little ragged. The water that was there in the fall has now completely dried up. The stalks of the cattails are dry, stiff, and hard. The leaves are stiff as well.

Cattail winter 2
Here is our cattail area that is along our walking trail. I think that someone came and cut a lot of the actual cattails. Even thought they are still growing in water, the leaves and stems are all brown and stiff.

Cattail winter 1
There is still a little water in this area that flows down to a creek. We all noticed that the water was a little smelly this time of year….hmmmm. We enjoyed having a purpose to our walk today and it was nice to focus on something other than the cold air. :)

The other interesting thing that we noted on this walk was that there were lots of mushrooms growing. Here are three different kinds that we stopped and looked at.

Mushroom 4 Jan 10
There were lots of this kind pushing up through the leaves.

Mushroom 2 Jan 10
There were some that were really white.

Mushroom 1 Jan 10
Then we saw this cute little yellow mushroom.

We are off to another hike today but this time down to the river. We will keep our eyes out for anything interesting.

Hope you get a chance to look for your cattails.


  1. Sadly, the many feet of snow has made it impossible to see any type of possible flora around our area. I do look forward to participating in next weeks challenge. :)

  2. WOW! So much color, we are colored with mostly white stuff :) I really like the shroom pictures!

  3. Barb, you must live in the South! Interesting to see the differences in winter in a warmer climate. Are those cattail shoots in the third picture?

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