OHC Spring Series #3: Spring Bird Study

This is one of my favorite bird studies of all time! I am very interested in learning to identify birds by their call since many times I do not actually see the bird but hear it up in the trees. My boys are really helpful in recalling bird calls and they are actually better at this skill than I am. We have made our list and I will share with you our results in another post.

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Spring Series #3
Spring Bird Study

Inside Preparation Work:

  • As part of our spring nature study this week, we will prepare by learning about some familiar bird songs. Read about the “Songs of Birds” in the Handbook of Nature Study on pages 42 and 43.
  • Here is a link to a page that will help you learn about to listen to and then identify birds by their calls:

Songs and Calls

  • Brainstorm a list of birds you know that live in your area. Pick two or three to research on the All About Birds website. Look up each bird and listen to their bird songs. Challenge your children to imitate the bird song and to listen for it when they go outside.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Spend your 10-15 minutes of outdoor time this week looking and listening for birds. You might try going out several times during the week at different times of day to listen and observe.
  • This will be a week you can work on a few minutes of quiet time while you are in your backyard or local park. Remind your children that if they are quiet even for one minute they might hear a bird or other animal. One minute can see like a lifetime for young ones so use your good judgment on this activity.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Take a few minutes to follow-up on any interest that came from your outdoor time even if your children were interested in something other than birds. Review the bird songs you learned and practiced during your preparation work. If you saw an unfamiliar bird, try to identify it using a field guide. Learn more about identifying birds here on this page: Bird Identification Skills.
  • If you do not have a field guide, you can try this online bird site to help identify birds: WhatBird? And this website for additional information as well: AllAboutBirds.
  • Don’t forget to look up any birds you identify in the Handbook of Nature Study and see how Anna Botsford Comstock suggests you learn more about that particular bird by reading the narrative and the accompanying lesson.
  • Allow time for a nature journal entry using the accompanying Spring Bird notebook page from the ebook or your own nature journal.

If you are really interested in learning more about birds, you can work through my bird series of Outdoor Hour Challenges that are found on the Bird Page here on my blog. .

If you would like all the Spring Series Challenges in one book, I have an ebook gathered for you to purchase for your convenience. The ebook also contains art and music appreciation plans for the winter months as well. Please see this entry for more details:
Spring Series Cover
Spring Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation

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  1. We do lots of nature study (well, I guess it isn’t “study” exactly), but I haven’t done one of your challenges in a long time. I think we’ll start with this one! I’m headed to my bookshelf to grab HONS right now. :-)

  2. I don’t see mr. linky ?

    We enjoyed learning more about one of our birdfeeder visitors this time.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  3. I just added Mr. Linky. Thanks for the reminder. :)


  4. Great Spring challenge!! Thanks!

  5. Thanks again for another great challenge !

  6. This challenge got us to get our hummingbird feeder filled and out in hopes for hummers!

  7. Thank you for sharing your love of nature, and birds with us! We are loving the spring studies…must be the weather :)

  8. Finally narrowed down the information we’ve learned into a post – Don’t roll your eyes Nature Friends – that was narrowed down! I, Personally, as an adult have gotten SO much out of the Spring Bird Challenge. . . . .

  9. Barb,

    I’m having trouble finding the Cornell Bird Coloring Book. Do you know if it’s moved? Thanks!

    I’m sorry we haven’t been as active with the spring challenges. It’s been a busy time for us, but we’re looking forward to getting back into nature study.


  10. I have been working on trying to find the new page for the Cornell coloring book. Here is the new link but it doesn’t seem to be working yet.


    I will keep trying to get them to let me know what is going on. :)


  11. I am doing a nature journal and study on my own. I love the outdoors & can never learn enough.
    I love your blog!!!

  12. We just did this nature study and realized that we knew far fewer bird songs and calls than we heard. It was a beautiful and constant symphony of songs by the birds as we took our walk this morning. Such a lovely way to start the day!

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