Our Dandelion Morning

Dandelion up close

As part of the Spring Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges, we spent a sunny morning looking for the tallest dandelion in our yard. We have quite a few this year, partly because we have left our “wild side” wild and partly because it is just a good year for dandelions.

Dandelions in the Lawn
I gave my boys a ruler and a camera as we went out the door. I challenged them to find the tallest dandelion they could see in our backyard. They knew just where to look and as our dog followed them around, they measured and took photos. I wandered around the yard looking at all the growing things and the number of bees we have in our flowers.

Kona in the weeds
They tried to convince me that the dog ate the biggest one. Our dog does love it when you blow the seeds and she will try to catch the seeds in her mouth as they fly around in the air. It is actually quite funny. She will also lay in the dandelions and eat the leaves.

Dandelion measuring
So here is the verdict. They found one that measured just at twelve inches high.

Dandelion nature journal
They brought a few flowers in to look at and I took the opportunity to draw a few things in my nature journal. I noticed in the evening that the dandelions that were in the vase had all closed up tightly. This morning in the sunshine they were open again.

Dandelion bracts
Another day this week we will go out early in the morning and observe to see if the flowers are closed up and if they open up later in the sunshine.

It was a fun study for all of us and it gave us a really good excuse to be outdoors on a school day.


  1. Sounds like a really nice day!

    What a cute dog! I’ll have to try the dandelion game with my dogs and see if they like it!

  2. Your blog has inspired me to buy the Comstock book (that I have wanted to buy for YEARS) and to try to incorporate nature study into our school (I have tried many times without consistency!).

    Also, just attended MASSHOPE convention and was able to sit in on the Journaling session with Barry Stebbing. It was also an encouragement and hopefully will be starting towards doing something along those lines, too!

    thank you for this very user-friendly and inspiring site!!


  3. Corrine,

    I am glad that I have helped inspire you to start with the HNS. If you want some help to get started, I always encourage moms to work through at least the first five OHCs. This will help you through the introductory pages of the book and give you a better understanding of what you are going to be doing when you go outside.

    If I can help in any way, please email me anytime.


  4. What a great study! (And, what a beautiful dog!) I love the drawing, too. Was that yours?

  5. That is Kona our lovable Labrador. She is a pretty dog and very friendly.

    Yes, that is my sketchy sort of journal that I did when we came inside for closer observations.

    Love those little akenes….amazing little structure.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. My youngest calls them “Wish Flowers”! What fun and what learning!

  7. I like your idea of measuring the dandelions. They can get preee-teee tall!

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