Our Spring Weather Observations

We had a chance to enjoy another perfect spring afternoon hiking on our favorite trail. We were amazed that in the last week so many wildflowers have burst out in bloom.

As part of the Spring Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges, we completed our Spring Weather Challenge. It was warm at 69 degrees (per our car thermometer). There were some breezes moving but not much.

Sunrise 6:34 AM
Sunset 7:35 PM
13 hours and 1 minute of daylight
Official high temperature: 68.8 degrees F
Official low temperature: 40.8 degrees F
Breezes coming from the South.

Our weather forecast is for rain the next two days and then back up into the 50′s the rest of the week.

Clouds and white flowered bush

The chamise is blooming all up and down the foothills right now and with its sweet fragrance it fills the spring sunshine. The clouds were whispy and moving very fast.

cirrus clouds

More cirrus clouds were to be found around the bend. My son has been studying the weather for his aviation course so he is teaching me lots of things about clouds and weather predicting.

Blue Eyed Grass?

This is a new flower to us and we came home to look it up in our field guide. We think it is Blue eyed grass.

poppies on the hillside
Our state flower, the California poppy, is blooming all around town. This is on the hillside next to our walking trail.

Here is our winter weather entry if you want to compare our differences: Winter Weather.


  1. Oh my, that first picture is like heaven! I could stare at it all day. Just lovely.

    I love the California poppies. I tried to grow some last year from seed but they didn’t come up. I think I’ll keep trying. I really love the clear, bright gold color.

  2. I think spring came to your neck of the woods about a month earlier than ours. It’s here now, though, and we’re loving it!

    Our Journey Westward

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