Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Nature Study: Using Your Senses Ebook

Summer 2010 Nature Study Final

As the summer season approaches, I start thinking of all the possibilities that lay ahead for nature study. The weather, longer days, and more time spent outdoors will make completing this series of Outdoor Hour Challenges easier and more reachable for many of us. Writing this ebook has ignited my enthusiasm for subjects that our family has never studied before and I hope it does the same in your family.

The summer nature study book is a little different than the Winter and Spring series ebooks. I have separated the nature study apart from the art and music plans into two different ebooks. There were several reasons for doing this but the most important was organization. I had feedback from readers that found the mixing of the two subjects difficult to navigate.

The new Summer Nature Study using Your Sense Ebook includes:

  • 12 Outdoor Hour Challenges-8 new challenges (mosquito, bat, owl, frog, moth and firefly, raccoon and skunk, crickets, evening primrose) and 4 continuing studies (Seasonal Tree, Weather, Cattail, and Bird). All the Outdoor Hour Challenges in this ebook are based on the Handbook of Nature Study and include page numbers and suggested learning observations. The four on-going studies are totally revamped with a new summer focus and they will inspire you to continue in your year-long studies that you started in previous seasons.There is also a new year-long study featuring Queen Anne’s Lace.
  • Each challenge will include ways and suggestions to use your senses in nature study, with a focus on nature study in the evenings when it is cooler.
  • Many of the challenges are supplemented with information from Discover Nature at Sundown (Discover Nature Series).
  • 19 Outdoor Hour Challenge notebook pages and nature journal suggestions.
  • 13 optional coloring pages.
  • Ideas for field trips other than your normal Outdoor Hour Challenge backyard adventures.
  • Links for further enrichment for each Outdoor Hour Challenge.
  • Complete list of resources and instructions to get started with this ebook.
  • You can view a sample HERE.
  • 57 pages

You will have a complete plan at your fingertips for your summer nature study when the opportunities arise. The ebook gives you links and resources to find most of the information online, including the Handbook of Nature Study.

You will need to have the Handbook of Nature Study in order to complete the nature study challenges and this time I have included an additional book for you to use alongside the Handbook of Nature Study. Discover Nature at Sundown is one in a series of nature study books that our family has enjoyed over the years. You can still complete the challenges without this additional book but I highly recommend it if you can find it at your library or used on Amazon.com.

Please realize that the challenges will be offered for free on my blog and are found on the Summer Nature Study tab at the top of the page. The ebook gathers the challenges all into one easy to use resource along with the custom notebook pages. If you purchase the book now, you will have the complete twelve week plan all at one time for you to use as you find time. The notebook pages will only be available in the ebook.

<span>Summer Nature Study Using Your Senses: Nature Study at Sundown
Contains all the challenges, custom notebook pages, resource links, and coloring pages for nature study.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions through email: [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support of nature study in your family.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom




  1. Yeah! I have enjoyed the Summer series week by week, and the Spring Series as an EBook. I am SO thankful for all the time your family allows you to spend on gathering this information ahead of time for us. It gives my family greater flexibility – and intent – when on walks out of doors. We came across snakes on our way to our cat tail study, and were able to observe naturally. Even if it is easier to be surprised each week at what comes up, your low price is a small token of appreciation for all that you put into the study before – and after with your encouragement and gathering of Blog Carnivals. Thank You – I trust that you will be truly blessed!

  2. Thanks Angie,

    You don’t see all the behind the scenes working at midnight when everyone else is asleep part of publishing these ebooks. I actually enjoy the process and my family reaps the benefits by first helping me do preliminary research and then when we actually complete the challenges as you all do. We actually end up doing most challenges twice or one time Mr. A helps me and the second time Mr. B does the investigation with me.

    If I did not have all this planned out, we would not be keeping regular with our nature study either. You call encourage me beyond anything I can express or I would not have kept this up for all these years, week after week. Someday I will be done but for now, this is a labor of love.

    Thanks so much for your support.

  3. Yahoo! I was just telling the kids about the nature study we are going to do! We are also doing a butterfly unit!

    Thank you for all of your hard work, time and dedication to this project.


  4. I tried to add your button to my blog post and it’s not working. Do you have an actual html button that I am just not seeing?


  5. I am looking forward to the Summer series. My kids enjoyed the few studies we did before I got sick with mono, and I’m sad we didn’t get very far with the Spring series.

  6. I love the DISCOVER NATURE series. We just got the Sundown one and will be doing parts of it. I also got the Garden one to go with our gardening adventure. Thanks again for all your hard work on this!

  7. I love it, thanks!

  8. Aimee,

    Right click the image and save it to your computer. Then add it to your blog as an image with a link back to my blog. That is the easiest way to make it work.


  9. I am excited to participate in both the nature and art/music summer series with my daughter!

  10. wow..with all that’s been going on in my life, I’ve fallen behind on blog reading. It just occurred to me as I was lesson planning “Hey I wonder if Barb has a summer ebook” and sure enough! Here it is!!

  11. I’m a bit behind on the programm that I will start this week, but thank you very much for your work. It saves me some much time. Isabelle

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