Autumn 2010 OHC #3: Horses

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Autumn Series #3
Mammal Study: Horse

Inside Preparation Work:
1. Read pages 274-280 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson 67). Please note that this section has references to evolution and preview for appropriateness for your family. (Alternate book selection: Album of Horses by Marguerite Henry.) Choose a few of the suggestions from Lesson 67 to focus on when you have your Outdoor Hour time observing horses.
2. Anna Botsford Comstock suggests reading an introductory story about wild horses. She lists The Pacing Mustang from Wild Animals I Have Known. I found this online for you: The Pacing Mustang

Ideas for Comparing a Horse and a Dog (or other mammal)
Please see Autumn Challenge #2 for more explanation about comparing and contrasting as part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. 
• Compare the head and neck.
• Compare the length of the legs and how they walk. How many toes are there?
• Compare the coats.
• Compare the teeth if you are able to see the horse’s teeth.
• Compare the placement and the shape of the ears.
• Compare the tails and how they are used.

Outdoor Hour Time:
Use you Outdoor Hour time to observe a horse or other mammal. This time of year many families visit farms to pick apples or pumpkins and the farm may also have a horse to observe. Look for horses as you drive your normal route through your local area. You may be surprised to spy a horse to observe, even from a fence line. You will be successful with this challenge if you do the preparation work and then use your time to observe any mammal up close. Keep in mind the suggestions from the lesson for observation as well as the comparison ideas above.

If you do not find a horse to observe, you can by all means observe another mammal and look it up in the Handbook of Nature Study. Try to compare whatever mammal you observe to another mammal, gaining some practice at your observation skills.

Follow-Up Activity:
Discuss your mammal observations and then make a journal entry. You can use the horse notebook page that accompanies the Autumn ebook or a blank page in your nature journal. If you observed another mammal, you can use this free mammal notebook page from a previous challenge.

Links for horse related information:


Note: This nature study challenge can be found in the Autumn 2010 ebook.

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  1. Hi Barb-

    Loved the horse study… we will be extending it all week.

  2. We got to pet some horses at the state fair! Love all the resources in your Autumn ebook.

  3. We had a fun study today. More unit study and remembering than Anna Comstock’s description of Nature Study – but it was fun!

  4. Ooooooooh!!! We had so much fun with the horses! Loved this! THANKS!

  5. I would not have gone to the stables and looked at horses had it not been for this challenge. Thanks so much for making these for us.

  6. Whenever we are driving around town my younger girls get so excited pointing out all the horses they see. Thanks for the challenge to learn more about them.

  7. Hi
    I finally posted our OHC #3 Mammal Study. Thanks for all you do!

  8. I hope it’s okay to link up even though we went about this kind of backwards! We enjoyed it so much and I’m looking forward to starting properly next week! :-)

  9. We really enjoyed this study! Thank you!

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