Autumn 2010 OHC #8 Seasonal Weather-Autumn Observations

Autumn Series #8
Seasonal Weather: Autumn Observations

Inside Preparation Work:
Read pages 780-783 in the Handbook of Nature Study (beginning pages of the section on Climate and Weather ending at The Atmosphere).

Make a weather chart like the one on page 807 (last page in the weather and climate section) or use the one provided in the autumn ebook. You may wish to purchase an outdoor thermometer and a rain gauge to enhance your study of the weather during the autumn and then into the winter.

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Compare The Weather on Two Different Days

  • Compare a sunny day and a rainy day. Compare temperature, clouds, and wind direction and speed. Don’t forget to use all your senses: smell, touch, hearing, etc.
  • Compare weather on the same day in the morning and then again in the evening.
  • Compare how your landscape looks today to what you remember about the summer or winter.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  1. Spend fifteen minutes outdoors observing your autumn weather. Note the direction of the wind, the direction the clouds are moving, and where the sun is rising and setting. The main aim for this challenge is to make weather observations and comparisons. Enjoy the season’s delights and have fun with your children.
  2. In addition, as part of the comparison activity, use your senses to make observations about the weather on two different days (perhaps choosing a sunny day and a rainy day to compare). Record your results on a Venn Diagram. If you would like an example of a Venn Diagram, HERE is a link.
  3. Start and maintain a Weather Record Chart as many days as you can.

Follow-Up Activity:
After your outdoor time, talk about all of your observations. Pull out any previous weather challenge journals to compare with today’s observations. Complete the notebook page in the ebook, the weather notebook page from previous challenges (HERE), or make an entry in your own blank journal.You could also complete a Signs of Autumn notebook page.
Extra Resource:
National Weather Service –Look up your state for weather warnings.

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Note: This nature study challenge can be found in the Autumn 2010 ebook.

If you would like to own this ebook, it is part of the Ultimate Naturalist Library for members. You can find more details on how to get your own membership here: Join Us!

Autumn 2010 Cover ImageUltimate Ebook Library @handbookofnaturestudy


  1. Barb, thanks again for always being out here for us to jump right in with you. What a wonderful time we have together when we slow down and just enjoy God’s creation and each other.


  2. Hi Barb-

    We had fun with this one… thanks for doing this!

  3. It’s in the 70s this week, not exactly fall weather but hey, we can talk about it and make a lesson out of that!

  4. We have had a great time watching the clouds this week! It was great for me – as the time change helps to have the hour of the morning earlier. :) Thanks for another great inspiration to get outside – or – um – really close to outside. :)

  5. A rather mean looking bug decided to show up and add to the excitement of our weather study.

    Thanks for keeping us tuned to the changes and the special beauties of each of the seasons!

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