Outdoor Hour Challenge – December Mini-Challenge and Notebook Page

Outdoor Hour Challenge December Mini Challenge

My whole impetus for starting this blog was to share how our family finally cracked the book open and started implementing the ideas that Anna Botsford Comstock wrote about so skillfully in this book. The entire Handbook of Nature Study is to help parents/teachers to be better nature study guides.

Autumn Trees and Sky

The breath of fresh air, the moving about outside, the getting to know better our own backyard…these are the joys of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. The most successful families involved in the OHC are those that embrace the idea that getting outdoors as a family is important and worthy of our time. The OHC is the vehicle for getting us outside, hopefully giving us something interesting to learn about. If we skip the preparation work and don’t read the pages in the Handbook of Nature Study, we are missing out on the simple ideas that Anna Botsford Comstock shared in the pages of each lesson.

White Crowned Sparrow in the Birdfeeder

We can all use some refreshing ideas from time to time and I am encouraging every single participant of the Outdoor Hour Challenge to spend a few minutes over the next few weeks to read the pages from the challenges below…you will not be sorry. Read with a note pad or highlighter to create some of your own points to remember as you go outdoors with your children this winter. I have listed some of my favorite points below.

Handbook of Nature Study Reading Suggestions
Challenge 1: Pages 1-8
Challenge 2: Pages 23-24
Challenge 3: 16-17
Challenge 4: 10-11 and 13-15

“In nature-study the work begins with any plant or creature which chances to interest the pupil.”

“In nature study any teacher can with honor say, ‘I do not know’, for perhaps the question asked is as yet unanswered by the great scientists.”

“No child should be compelled to have a nature journal”

“…but in nature-study, the observation of form is for the purpose of better understanding life.”

“It is a mistake to think that half day is necessary for a field lesson, since a very efficient field trip may be made during the ten or fifteen minutes at recess, if it is well planned.”

You don’t have to go farther than you own backyard because “nature study is science brought home”.

To help us implement some of the ideas we read about, I have included a December World Notebook Page as part of this entry. You can use it to record your outdoor time over the next few weeks.


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  1. HI
    I love reading your blog and I thought I would share something my children and i saw one morning. Check it out I have never seen frost covered spider webs before. They are beautiful.

  2. I thought your readers might enjoy a reading a story about nature book meeting life! We are finishing up reading Jean Craighead George’s The Tarantula in My Purse and, in God’s perfect timing, on Monday, we helped a friend transport two hawks to the raptor center near Charleston. In honor of the book, I called it The Raptor in My Prius.

  3. Hi Barb, Thanks for the help in getting outdoors. I have not been doing the OHC lately because of the cold and my girls miss it. I will be getting your Winter Ebook after to holidays. Thanks again!

  4. I translated my post on my blog…

  5. I think I can re-focus on the Nature Blog now! We have had alot of outdoor experiences, but we remember so much more when we have focused time outside. :)

  6. thanks for the pre-made December pages. My kids loved drawing 4 things.

  7. What a joy to re-read these first 8 pages. I had to use a different color marker as it was already marked up from last year when I dived in. Fun! I really needed to re-read this!

  8. Ah, it’s been a great time for December world around here. Snow – twice in one week – in GA? I’m loving the HNS reading suggestions too. Thank you!

  9. This was just perfect timing, Barb! Thank you!

  10. Mini Challenge 2 is posted!

  11. Mini Challenge 3 is up. I didn’t get as much time to proof read it – so I just posted it. :)

  12. We had a warm afternoon and did a nature hunt for red and green in the backyard. Merry Christmas! ~Tricia

  13. It is good to be back =) I have been catching up on your blog! I don’t have time to comment on every post but know I appreciate all you do and share with us!! Be Blessed Barb!!

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