Garden and Wildflowers – Nature Study Using the Outdoor Hour Challenges

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NOTE: If the challenge is included an ebook, it is noted directly after the challenge. If you have an Ultimate Membership, you will be able to pull up the ebook and print any notebook pages, coloring pages, or other printables for your nature study.
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Garden Challenges-These are included in the Garden Flower and Plants ebook!
#12 Focus on Garden Flowers – Seeds
#13 Garden Flowers – Flower Parts
#14 Garden Flowers – Pressing Flowers
#15 Garden Flowers – How To Draw A Flower
#16 Garden Flowers – Sunflowers
#17 Garden Flowers – Collecting Leaves
#18 Garden Flowers – Pollen
#19 Garden Flowers – Seeds and Germination

Garden Challenges

Ants – Spring ebook

Asters – More Nature Study Summer

Autumn Apples – Autumn ebook

Bachelor’s Buttons - Summer Nature Study Continues

Bee Larkspur/Delphinium – Summer Nature Study Continues 2015 coming soon

Black Eyed Susans – More Nature Study Summer

Black Swallowtail - Spring Nature Study Continues

Bleeding Hearts – Winter Nature Study Continues

Blue Flag Iris – More Nature Study Spring

Crocus – Winter ebook

Daisy – More Nature Study Summer

Daffodil – Winter ebook

Earthworms – Spring ebook

Geranium – Spring Nature Study Continues

Monarch Butterfly – More Nature Study Summer

Nasturtiums - Spring Nature Study Continues

Pansy – More Nature Study Winter

Pears – More Nature Study Autumn

Petunias - Spring Nature Study Continues

Robins – More Nature Study Spring

Salvia – Autumn Nature Study Continues

Snails – More Nature Study Spring


Sweet Peas – More Nature Study Spring

Tulip – Winter ebook

Violets - Winter Nature Study Continues

Outdoor Hour Challenge Wildflower Set 1 Ebook

Take a look at the new Outdoor Hour Challenge Wildflower Nature Study Set #1! This ebook can be found in the Ultimate and Journey level memberships here on the Handbook of Nature Study.

OHC Wildflower Set 2 @handbookofnaturestudy

New in June 2017! These all new challenges will be posted here on the blog and also in the new Wildflower Nature Study Set #2 ebook. Look for this ebook in the Ultimate and Journey level memberships.


Ultimate Ebook Library @handbookofnaturestudy


Wildflower and Weed Challenges

Bloodroot – Winter Nature Study Continues

Bluets - Spring Nature Study Continues

Burdock – Autumn Nature Study Continues

Buttercups – More Nature Study Spring

Cattails Spring Observations – Spring ebook

Cattails Summer Observations – Summer ebook

Cattails Winter Observations – Winter ebook

Chicory - Wildflower Set #2 coming soon!

Cocklebur – Wildflower Set #2 coming soon!

Columbine - Wildflower Set #2 coming soon!

Cow Parsnip - Wildflower Set #2

Dandelions – Spring ebook

Dodder – More Nature Study Spring

Dutchman’s Breeches - Winter Nature Study Continues

Evening Primrose – Summer ebook

Fern – More Nature Study Spring

Field Horsetail – Autumn 2015

Hedge Bindweed – More Nature Study Spring

Henbit – Wildflower Set #2 coming soon!

Hepatica – Winter Nature Study Continues

Jack in the Pulpit – Spring Nature Study Continues

Jewelweed – Autumn 2015

Lupine - Wildflower Set #1

May Apple - Spring Nature Study Continues

Milkweed –More Nature Study Autumn and follow up with printable

Mullein – More Nature Study Winter

Mustard and Radish (wild) - Wildflower Set #1

Pearly Everlasting – Summer Nature Study Continues

Pondweed – More Nature Study Summer

Poppies – More Nature Study Spring

Prickly Lettuce – Autumn 2015

Purple Chinese Houses - Wildflower Set #1

Queen Anne’s Lace Autumn Observations – Autumn ebook

Queen Anne’s Lace Summer Observations – Summer ebook

Shooting Stars – Wildflower Set #1

Squirrel Corn - Winter Nature Study Continues

Teasel – Autumn Nature Study Continues

Thistles – More Nature Study Autumn

Trillium - Spring Nature Study Continues

Vine Study – More Nature Study Spring

White Water Lily – Summer Nature Study Continues

Winter Berries – Autumn Nature Study Continues

Winter Weeds – Winter Wednesday  ebook and More Nature Study Winter

Yarrow - Wildflower Set #1

Yellow Adder’s Tongue - Spring Nature Study Continues

Yellow Ladies Slipper – Spring Nature Study Continues


Crop Plants Notebook Page Cover Button

Crop Plants – Clover
Crop Plants – Beans
Crop Plants – Corn
Crop Plants – Cotton
Crop Plants – Strawberries
Crop Plants – Pumpkins
Crop Plants – Tomatoes