Miscellaneous Nature Study Using The Outdoor Hour Challenges

NOTE: If the challenge is included an ebook, it is noted directly after the challenge. If you have an Ultimate Membership, you will be able to pull up the ebook and print any notebook pages, coloring pages, or other printables for your nature study.
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Outdoor Hour Challenge Mushrooms Lichen Moss Fern Index @handbookofnaturestudy

Mushroom, Lichen, Moss, Fern Challenges
Bracket Fungi -Autumn Nature Study Continues
Ferns - More Nature Study Spring
Field Horsetail - Autumn 2015
Hedgehog Fungi - Autumn 2015
Moss and Lichen
Moss Observation Notebook Page
Molds, Puffballs, Morels
Mushrooms -Autumn ebook
Extraordinary in the Ordinary – Mushrooms
Mushroom Cap Shapes Notebook Page
Scarlet Cup -Winter Nature Study Continues
Stinkhorn Nature Study -Autumn Nature Study Continues
Parts of  a Mushroom Notebook Page

Outdoor Hour Challenge Weather Index @handbookofnaturestudy

Weather Challenges
Autumn Weather - Autumn ebook
Autumn Weather Challenge #1
Autumn – Signs of Autumn
Cloud Observations 
Fall Seasonal Weather Challenge -with free printable notebook page
Fall Color Walk - More Nature Study Autumn
Seasonal Weather with Four Seasons Notebook Pages
Snow- Winter Wednesday
Spring Splendor Walk - More Nature Study Spring
Spring Weather - Spring ebook
Summer Weather – More Nature Study Summer
Weather Record Chart – printable notebook page
Weather Study with Weather Sounds Printable Notebook Page
Weather Walk – Four Seasons free printable notebook page
Winter Weather  -Winter ebook
Winter Wonder Weather- More Nature Study Winter

Seasonal Challenges
December World-free printable notebook page
November World- Autumn ebook
The Winter World

Outdoor Hour Challenge Reptiles Amphibians invertebrates fish index @handbookofnaturestudy
Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish
Catfish -  Autumn 2015
Common Shiner - Summer Nature Study Continues
Crayfish  -Spring Nature Study Continues
Earthworms- Spring ebook
Fish Nature Study and  Definition Copywork Page
Frogs - Summer ebook
Frog Field Guide Notebook Page
Goldfish Nature Study-free printable notebook page
Johnny Darter – Summer Nature Study Continues
Lizard, Gecko, Anole Study -Autumn Nature Study Continues
Newts -Spring Nature Study Continues
Snakes-Spring ebook
Snails -More Nature Study Spring
Spring Peepers -Spring Nature Study Continues
Sunfish – Summer Nature Study Continues
Trout and Salmon -Autumn ebook
Turtles and Pondweed-More Nature Study Summer

You may also want to read my review of this awesome resource: National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Reptiles.

Additional Links You May Find Helpful:

Plus for members of the Handbook of Nature Study site, you may wish to download and use the April 2013 edition of the newsletter that featured reptiles and amphibians.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Rock Index @handbookofnaturestudy
Rock Related Challenges
Calcite - Autumn 2015
Crystal Study- Winter Nature Study Continues
Feldspar Study- Winter Nature Study Continues
Granite Study and Other Igneous Rocks – More Nature Study Book Summer
Limestone – Autumn 2015
Magnets and Compass – More Nature Study Winter
Marble - Autumn 2015
Mica Rock Study  – Autumn Nature Study Continues
Quartz Study -More Nature Study Winter
Rock Observation Challenge - free printable chart
Rock Study Using a Magnifying Lens – free printable notebook page
Rock Collection Ideas – free printable activity
Rock Study and printable game activity
Salt Study - Winter ebook
Sand and Soil -More Nature Study Summer

Outdoor Hour Challenge Sky and Stars Index @handbookofnaturestudy

Sky and Stars
Moon and Moon Names- More Nature Study Winter
Moon and Craters Nature Study-free printable notebook page
My Backyard At Night Notebook Page  (free printable)
Night Sky Study- Cassiopeia – Autumn Nature Study Continues
Orion Study - Winter Nature Study Continues
Winter Sky and Stars  - Winter ebook
Winter Sky- Winter Wednesday
Year-Long Big Dipper Study -free printable notebook page

Pond Study
Cattail Seasonal Nature Study  -free printable notebook page
Pond Seasonal Study -free printable notebook page

Miscellaneous Challenges
Brook – - Autumn 2015
Small Square Study – Winter ebook
Small Square Study – free printable notebook page
Winter Berries -Autumn Nature Study Continues
Winter Colors – Winter Wednesday


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