Winter Wednesday Outdoor Hour Challenge Ebook Now Available!

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Here is what you get:

  • All nine of the Winter Wednesday Challenges conveniently gathered into an ebook. Topics include: Winter Color, Winter Snow, Winter Sky-Constellations, Tree Silhouettes, Cones, Winter Weeds, Winter Insects, Winter Birds, Mammals
  • The challenges have been redone to eliminate the need for the Discover Nature In Winter book if you don’t want to purchase it for the Winter Wednesday Challenges.
  • Nine custom notebooking pages to go along with the challenges.
  • Additional activities and links not in the original Winter Wednesday Challenges.
  • New and fresh ideas for nature journal pages in addition to the notebooking pages.
  • Additional resources suggested and linked for your convenience.
  • 26 pages in total.
  • All the challenges are flexible enough to be appropriate for children of all ages.
  • View a sample: Winter Wednesday Sample

Don’t forget the additional winter idea pages that I have built over on Squidoo:




  1. Oh, that is so funny. I was planning on reposting my Winter Wednesday entries from last year! How timely!

  2. Big smiles over here! Thank you.

  3. Just ordered mne!! Can’t wait!! These nature challenges look great!!

  4. Well, it finally happened…my beloved HNS fell apart into a two volume set! :) So, my sweet hubby ordered a hardback version for me for Christmas. I noticed right away that the pictures were very faded, as if it were a xerox copy of the pages. I was really shocked, however, when I wanted to refer to something in Part IV and found out there was no Part IV! It just left out the last section. Just thought it might be important for your readers to know.

  5. Phyllis,

    I have had more email about that hardback edition of the book. First it is outrageously priced and second it looks like someone copied the pages poorly and then they cut bunches of pages without noting it. If you look at the page count it is different but if you are not familiar with the original edition of the book, you wouldn’t know that it is different other than being hardback.

    My best suggestion is for everyone that purchases this book and feels like it is misrepresented on Amazon, go back and leave a review stating your concerns and disappointments so maybe someone else can be spared the expensive mistake.

    Phyllis, if I were you…I would send it back.

    Sorry for you disappointment. I always refer to and link to the paperback edition of this book:


  6. Hi New to ordering your books, wondered if you’d received my order, and if so, do I read it in Scribd. Know this is a weekend most are ‘off’ with changes in schedule, but wanted to make sure we could get started soon! I love your books, and it’s a perfect time for us to start! Thanks, Laura

  7. Laura,

    Your email keeps bouncing back. Could you please email me so I can have your correct email address to send the book and free gift to?

    Thanks so much.

  8. Love the book!!! have made my copies and will be so excited to start using!! Thank you so much, Laura
    btw, does the other gift have a deadline on the access. … it was ‘large’ and wanted to make sure I could use it, if I couldn’t print all right now.
    Again, love the Wednesday book!

  9. Laura-
    For both the ebook and the notebook pages, you should download and safe the files on your computer. Both files have expiration dates and you will loose access at some point.

    My best suggestion is to save them to a disk or thumbdrive if you have limited space to save large files.

    The Winter Wed ebook has links in it that you will not have if you just print the book out.

    If you have any more questions, please email me:
    [email protected]

  10. Barb,
    This ebook is just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been really trying to incorporate phenology into our nature study and this is going to help me tremendously. The book seems very complete and concise. Do you plan to continue this series/format into the other seasons?

  11. Can you recommend a good place to find the Discover Nature in Winter book? I cannot find it anywhere for less than $60. I’m happy to pay for a quality book, but that seems high to me.

  12. Laura –

    You could also save them to Google Docs or something similar, so that you can have access to them at any time from any computer and they won’t be taking up space on your hard drive.

  13. Candise Learn says:

    I just joined but don’t know how to receive my access to the ebooks etc. Help

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