2011 Spring Series – Spring Wildflower Study – Dandelions


Our last official Outdoor Hour Challenge for the 2011 Spring Series has arrived. I can hardly believe it but we are going into the month of May next week! With May will come some changes to the Outdoor Hour Challenge, exciting changes for us all! I will be sharing my new ideas and directions for the Outdoor Hour Challenge on May 1, 2011.

4 11 Dandelions
In the meantime, take this week to enjoy hunting up some spring wildflowers and/or dandelions.

Here is a link to the Spring Wildflower Study- Dandelions.
Please make sure to click over and read all about how your family can study this common plant and be educated on the many things we can learn from this weed/wildflower.

You may also be interested in my Spring Nature Study Ebooks!

Spring Series Cover


  1. I love dandelions. They always seem so cheerful and optimistic. Plus all those wishes! — Kathy at http://www.needleandspade.com

  2. I can’t believe your dandelions are going to seed already! Our grass is just starting to turn green up here. lol!

  3. This is our first time linking with the Outdoor Hour Challenges. We had a lot of fun doing the Dandelion study and look forward to studying them further throughout the remainder of the spring.

  4. Hi Barb-

    We had fun as usual…love Dandelions! We are looking forward to the new newsletter format/blog carnival. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Learn something new every year! We noticed a few more wildflowers too. And I actually joined in the sketching this time.

  6. We definitely learned things about dandelions we didn’t know before, plus we found lots of other plants flowering. Thanks for the challenge!

  7. The dandelions are all over the place here in Minnesota. This was such a wonderful study – we all learned so much about dandelions. Enjoyed doing the nature study as well as cooking, poetry, and storytelling.

    Still need to do our nature journals – so we’ll be doing some drawing and writing as well as incorporating photography into our journals.

    Thank you so much for hosting these challenges, Barb!

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