Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter – October Edition

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I have attached the newsletter download link to the bottom of my blog feed so if you are a subscriber you will receive the link at the bottom of every post for the month of October. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can still subscribe and receive the newsletter in the next post that comes to your email box. You can subscribe on my blog by filling in your email address in the subscription box on my sidebar.

Make sure to click and save the link for future reference.

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The OHC Newsletter is a companion to the Outdoor Hour Challenges that are posted here on the blog every Friday. There are special printable activities, additional links and ideas, as well as articles and photos from a variety of OHC participants. I invite everyone to subscribe and get the newsletter each month in your inbox.

EDIT 10/5/11: Some of you are having trouble getting the Newsletter to download. Try to right click and save the link and then open it. We still think it is a browser issue with Firefox.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom


  1. I am subscribed, but just can’t find the link!

  2. Michele,

    In the email that comes to your inbox, look at the bottom of the entry and there will be a link to the newsletter download.


    It will be there all month so if anyone else needs to subscribe, just look in the next blog entry for the download link.

    I know that this is a transition month for this new way to receive the newsletter so we will all work together to get it set up.

  3. Got it! Thanks! ;)

  4. I am looking forward to using this better this month. I tried last month, but didn’t prepare as well! Thanks so much for this newsletter!

  5. Barb, I’ve signed up to receive the posts via email, but they’re not coming through. Is there a problem somehow with Firefox? I’m not good at this technology stuff!

  6. ohhh boy.. Love it!

  7. Hi Barb,
    I’m subscribed to your blog and I receive them; but the link for the October Newsletter is not highlighted or underlined. So if I click on it, nothing happens.

    Your help would be appreciated.

  8. I would like to get this and signed up on, but so far haven’t received anything. I am really wanting to start the October challenge. Can you help me? I must be doing something wrong.

  9. Copy the link into your internet browser address bar and then hit enter and it should take you to the newsletter. :)

  10. You need to enter your email address into the subscription box on my blog sidebar. You should receive an email to confirm your subscription. You need to respond to that email.

    Then you will receive my entries as email in your email inbox. All the entries for the month of October will have the link to the newsletter at the very bottom. You will need to use that link to get the newsletter.

    Thanks for your interest.

  11. Hi Barb,

    I can’t seem to get it to work either. I paste the dropbox address into my browser, and the correct name (Oct 2011 Outdoor Hour Challenge)comes up in the top tab, but down at the bottom it just says “downloading from dl.dropbox.com…” and the screen just stays white.

    I waited a few days to try again, but the same thing is happening. Any suggestions are welcome!

  12. We are back to having browser issues. I think it was determined last time that if you use Firefox, the pdf will not load properly.

    Is the link you received clickable? If so, right click and save the link and that should get you the newsletter.

    If the link is not clickable, please email me and I will send you the link.
    [email protected]

  13. You’re right — Firefox must be the issue. I tried it in IE, and it worked. Thank you!!

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