Birdcage Press Wild Cards- Review

Birdcage Press Backyard Birds
Birdcage Press Wild Cards – Cards, Activities, and Instructional Booklet

Wild Cards – Backyard Birds is a great learning tool for nature study loving families! They are beautiful to look at and full of information that has helped us get to know our backyard birds a little better. The quality of the cards, the images, and the informational booklet has impressed me!

Wild Cards – Backyard Birds
For a bird-loving family like ours, this set of cards and accompanying book is a perfect fit! We have had more fun quizzing each other with these colorful and informative cards.

  • This set of 36 cards with clear and beautiful images introduces six types of birds: Tricksters, Songbirds, Woodpeckers, Hummers, Little Chirpers, and Waterbirds.
  • The 32 page booklet not only gives more details for each bird in the set but it actually teaches you how to identify birds by looking at different attributes.
  • The combination of cards and booklet will give beginning birders as well as experts a fun way to learn more by using them to play games with your family (instructions included).
  • The booklet also gives additional ideas for online learning with your cards.

Big thumbs up from our family for Birdcage Press Wild Cards! 
We are going to purchase more of these sets to have on our nature shelf, in our nature pack, and with our card game collection. Fun and learning go hand in hand with this product from Birdcage Press. The Backyard Birds set is only one of thirteen sets available on Birdcage Press. You can click over and see more for yourself: Birdcage Press Wildlife and Nature Products.

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If you would like to order from the Birdcage Press website, you can use the free shipping code until 3/31/12. Shipping code is good for purchase of ANY item on their website.
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  1. We’d use this along with our bird video from Crowe’s Nest to teach our children about birds!


  2. These look wonderful. They would be a great addition to our studies.

  3. Following you on Pinterest.

    Debbie Alix
    (Pinterest name)

  4. Barb, I enjoy your blog and your CM approach! You are such a blessing to the homeschool community! :) Thank you for sharing about these bird cards. They would be a great addition to anyone’s library and nature study kit!

  5. We’d love to win! Thanks, Barb!


  6. I’d love to be able to easily identify birds in our yard by playing this game with my kids.

  7. Oops! Didn’t know we were supposed to say how we would use these — we’d use them to identify all the birds coming to our feeder in our new house, we’ve got lots of new ones!


  8. My son loves birds. These would be great!

  9. Those look really awesome. We would use them to work on our bird identification skills (we’re quite lacking). I’ve recently been collecting bird books and these would be a great addition to our small collection.

  10. Following on Pinterest- I’m nlhome (North Laurel)

  11. I’m always looking for ways to improve my bird identification skills. Have you or your readers found a particularly good program for learning the bird calls?

  12. Elizabeth,

    Here are a few suggestions for learning calls: has sound clips for each bird…awesome!
    Peterson Field Guides has a CD series for learning bird calls.
    This set is pricey but it teaches you systematically.

    Several of us use this series of books (got mine at Borders):
    My kids love this and it lives on our coffee table. We quiz each other using the bird calls and book.
    Hope that helps.

  13. My nature-loving daughter would love these!

  14. These look fantastic. We just got some bird feeders for the backyard and we now have a feeding frenzy going on!

    fjkelly6 at

  15. This would be a great help in identifying birds in our backyard!

  16. This is a very exciting giveaway. We are currently focusing our nature study on birds, so it would be perfect for us to enrich our studies.

  17. These would be fun to use on our nature walks/studies or when we start studying birds in more detail.

  18. You know I like birds and the guys help me find and id more so I like this idea for learning.

  19. My son loves to watch the birds at the feeder. Would be a great tool for our home school.

  20. We have two well-visited bird feeders outside our dining-room window (makes for a great show during our own dinner time!). These would be great to help with bird identification!

  21. my head is just spinning with all this Birdcage Press love today!! These cards look amazing! I am thinking of having 1-3 set up at a time for reading, drawing, information. I am also thinking these would be great for trips out and indentification.

  22. We are huge bird lovers in our family. The Wild Cards would be a great addition to our homeschool!

  23. These look like they would go great with our reading of the Burgess Bird Book next school year!

  24. These cards would help me to learn alongside my children. One of the most intimidating things about nature study for me is how little I know and can identify. Beautiful cards and an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  25. My boys love birds. These cards would be a welcome addition to our home.

  26. This would be awesome to help us identify the different species that frequent our yard! Thanks for the opportunity :)

    [email protected]

  27. Oh sign us up…Miss would love these!

  28. We love birds and would use them to learn more about the birds we see and the ones we wish we could see!

  29. My kids are big bird lovers. They are always bird watching. Anything that will help us learn more about birds will be so helpful!

    [email protected]

  30. My grandma always knew a lot about birds, and she passed on her love of the creatures to me. I would love to have something like this to pass on the love to my children.

  31. We would use them for bird hunts. See how many live in our area and how many we spot. Take them on trips to do eye spy.

  32. Following you on pinterest.

  33. I would love to win this set of cards for my bird loving daughter (who is teaching the whole family about birds.) :)

  34. What a wonderful tool to use for nature study! These would work in our study bag! We take it with us on every walk.

  35. We just bought 8 acres to move our family on. We can’t wait to search for new birds. These would be a great help!!

  36. We would use these to teach others about the birds we love! Thanks for the entry.

  37. These cards look like they would be a beautiful addition to our nature and science studies about birds. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  38. We are playing more and more educational games and loving it. This would fit right in to our studies.

  39. I didn’t grow up being very outdoors savvy, so I would use these cards to make up for my own ineptness in the area of bird identification. My children are so interested in tracking, bird watching, geocaching, and a lot of other things I know nothing about, but am willing to learn along with them. Whew, run on sentence. Sorry.

  40. these cards look great! Our oldest is 6 and we are casting around for ideas on how to incorporate nature studies when we live in the suburbs!

  41. My daughter age 7 would love these cards! She is my “go outside” child!

  42. We would really rev up our nature study of birds with these handy dandy cards!

  43. We’d love to use these to make our outside play a little more educational. :)

  44. We would use these to supplement our nature study and play games with them. Thanks!

  45. Wow – these would be a great tool for learning about birds! We could even put these in the backpack for use on hikes. Thanks for the information you pass along and for the opportunity to win these cards!

  46. We’d take them along on our outings, to identify different species as we discover them.

  47. These cards would be perfect in my 10-year-old’s Easter basket! She had a great time doing the Great Backyard Bird Count this past weekend and is going to be participating in Project FeederWatch this fall.

  48. We love watching the birds. Since we moved to our new house we haven’t seen too many but we know they are there. We love learning what they look like, what they eat, how they sound and anything else we can find.

  49. I’d use these to help us identify all the birds that frequent the bird sanctuary near our house!

  50. THese look great! We’d love to win.

  51. I would take these on our nature walks at the local nature center :)

  52. These look fabulous and we’d love to win them! Thanks!

  53. This would totally add to our hands on approach to studying nature- we use bird guides & I just know our boys would love this! (we have an american kestrel hanging in our yard lately- totally cool)

  54. my daughter would LOVE these!

  55. We are still trying to get our groove going with nature study. I don’t have a clue about birds and would really like to learn to identify more of them so I think these cards would be very beneficial to our family.

  56. Following you on Pinterest!

  57. My daughter would love these!!

  58. Following you on Pinterest as Beth Starr.

  59. I would use the bird cards by placing a few around the house in surprising places. That way, the pretty bird card will catch their attention and then we could learn something new in a short bit of time.

  60. It would be great to win!

  61. We could use it while watching the birds in our garden

  62. my son and i love to bird watch and our bird book that we use is falling apart! i love this blog, been following quietly for a while – thanks for the chance to win! vicki

  63. I love these cards for Nature Study. We are tracking backyard birds this a Spring. These would be a great tool.

  64. Hi, I just found your blog recently and am really enjoying it. My children are still quite young (5, 3 and 5 mos old) but I want to make sure they grow up in nature. So glad I found your site to help me!

  65. We would love to win this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  66. we would use these in the family room or treehouse fort where we go to watch birds. we could also take them geocaching with us. definitely would share with the other families that we cache with.

  67. My kiddos love the outdoors. I’d love to use the Backyard Birds cards in our nature study. Thank you!

  68. I’ve been trying to find some ways to learn about nature more with my boys. Since I don’t have a lot of personal experience with bird recognition, I’m totally loving these cards!! They look fantastic!! Especially as we head into spring!

  69. My grandchildren would love to use these cards – they would be great to carry along on hikes.

  70. Amazing cards!

  71. We’d play the game as part of our homeschool day.

  72. I would like to win for our outdoor education at our special needs school:)

  73. we would definitely play this game. My girls would also I’m sure spend hours just sitting and looking at the pictures.

  74. These look amazing! I teach preschool in northern California and we are always trying to identify the many birds we see. I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration for our nature studies. These would be a great complement to them. Please check out my Facebook page where there is a link to my blog. I’ve highlighted several of our nature studies there.

  75. These backyard birds cards are beautiful! We could really use these in our nature studies.I would love to win some!

  76. With my eldest daughter’s interest in bird watching, our whole family has become birdwatchers as well. This winter has been great fun in trying to identify our new visitors. This set would be awesome to learn more about them in a fun way.

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