Nature In Your Notebook Printables Link-Up

Nature Study - Three Steps to a Better Experience
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Nature Study – Three Steps to a Better Experience
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Nature study in winter can be a challenge. February is always a hard month to get through as we anticipate the coming spring. My free printable is all about learning age-appropriate activities for nature study with a special focus on advanced study. I show you how to adapt nature study to all ages of children and to get the most out of your time outside. I hope it encourages everyone from beginners to experienced nature study families.

I have teamed up with five other bloggers to bring you some mid-winter encouragement to get outdoors for some refreshing nature study. Each of us has put together a free printable download for your family. We are encouraging you to visit each blog and take advantage of the opportunity to get a variety of stimulating ideas to use in your family.

No strings attached…just free downloads. If you feel encouraged, please leave us a comment, give us a Facebook like, share on Twitter, or pin this post on Pinterest. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about our Nature in Your Notebook Printables Link-Up.

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Nature in Your Notebook Link-Up

Here are my partners…a great group of women bloggers!

1. Cindy from Our Journey Westward
2. Maureen from Spell Outloud
3. Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage
4. Lauren from Mama’s Learning Corner
5. Amanda from Hearts and Trees




  1. Thanks! It’s always nice to have some fresh ideas!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks!

  3. This is great, thank you!

  4. I so appreciate you!!!

  5. I am feeling the love this morning…thanks for the thanks. :)


  6. Thank you! :-)

  7. hi,
    thanks for all of your wonderful downloads!
    i can’t seem to open the file, though!

  8. This was great reading thanks Barb, and very helpful as I struggle to get into a regular nature study habit with my slightly older daughter. After reading I was left feeling I hadn’t been doing as bad as I feared plus I had some firm ideas on how I could do better. Great stuff.

  9. Thanks! I can’t seem to open it either….I am subscribed….did a link come in my reader? I didn’t find it.

  10. The link is in this entry.
    Right click the “download link” and save the link to your computer. It should open up and you can view it.

    Let me know if you have any more trouble.

  11. Thank you so much! This may be very helpful in motivating my oldest, who hasn’t been able to get into nature studies.

    Now that she is a teen, I almost feel as if it is too late? I’m not sure.
    Also, spring allergies make it difficult as does the long cold winters here in the North!

    I haven’t yet given up, but will say I am attempting this with a bit of trepidation:)

  12. Hi there, this looks so interesting to read, but I have tried a couple of different ways to open and it comes up saying “the link is broken and can’t be fixed”. Any help appreciated, thanks again :)

  13. I just checked and the link is working.

    You may need to right click the link and then “save link as” to open it up on your computer.

    Give it a try and let me know if you need more help.

  14. I got it, thanks so much. The only thing I did not try, sigh ;)

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