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More Nature Study Book 3
Goat Study 

Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages 266-270 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson 65). There is a lot of information on the history of goats and details about specific kinds of goats. Some of the activities in the lesson are outdated so my best suggestion is to cover the information as a preparation for future encounters with goats. Look for a petting zoo, a local farm, or a zoo that might have goats to observe in person.
  • Burgess Book of Animals Chapter 38: Read online or listen to the audio version online.
  • Acquire some goat’s milk or goat’s cheese to sample as part of your preparation or follow-up to this challenge.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • This week spend some time outdoors observing mammals. The most important part of this challenge is to get outdoors and casually point out what a mammal is and keep your eyes out for a subject. This can be any mammal. (What is a mammal?) If you have access to a goat, use the suggestions from the lesson to make careful observations.
  •  Alternate field trip idea: Goats are related to the bison, antelope, gazelle, sheep, muskoxen, and cattle so if you have any of those mammals in a near-by zoo you can observe them and make some comparisons to the goat.

Follow-Up Activity: 

  • Complete a nature journal entry recording the information you observed or learned about goats (Ebook users have two notebook pages to choose from). You can view this website and videos and use this for your goat observation: St. Louis Zoo Website: Info and three short videos. You can also print out some goat coloring book pages as an alternative follow-up activity.
  • Advanced study: Research and record the history of goats or research the different breeds of goats and the different types of goats (meat, dairy, fiber) using the additional links below.
  • Advanced study: Compare two breeds of goats. Record your results in your journal.
  • Advanced study: Research ruminant animals (animals with four stomachs). Here is a website to use as a reference: Digestive System of Goats.

Additional Links:
Smithsonian Link: Goats (excellent information)

Breeds of Goats— Excellent research website

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  1. We have goats right down the road! I hadn’t thought to do nature study on them. Such a great idea!

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