Creating a Nature Journal Cover

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Completing a nature journal and then looking back over all the finished pages gives me such a sense of contentment.

The journal is built page by page with thoughts and information from my outdoor time, each entry personalized and precious.

Nature Journal Cover (2)
The trouble is that I use generic sketchbooks for my nature journal and the covers are not all that attractive. This is my new journal and it doesn’t inspire much creativity.

How to Make a Personalized Nature Journal Cover with Watercolors
1. Take watercolor paper and cut it to cover the front of the journal.
2. Watercolor the paper, let it dry, and then adhere it to the front cover with double backed tape or glue.
Tip: I ended up using both tape and glue and then wrapping rubber bands around it until it dried.
3. Paint a title or other embellishments onto a separate sheet of watercolor paper and then let them dry.
4. Cut around the embellishments and adhere with tape or glue to the water colored cover.

Nature Journal Cover (1)
Here is one last view of my very full nature journal. Look at all those memories filling it up!

I think the last step for me before I put this up on the shelf with all my other nature journals is to tie a ribbon around it just to keep it all together and to look pretty.

This is a perfect project for a warm summer’s afternoon when you feel like playing with watercolors.

I would love to see your covers…send me a link in an email!

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  1. LOVE IT! I can’t wait to start this summer.

  2. Oh what a great idea! This might be a good project for us this week, with all our rainy days.

  3. Love! And that turquoise/teal is one of my favorite colors. Pretty. And simple enough for us all to do. Need to get some Canson journals :)

  4. Oooo… I like it!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post in my “Weekend Pics – 6/8/12″ post. I absolutely LOVE this idea!

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