How to Make a Waxed Paper Pouch For Your Nature Journal or Notebook

Pressed Flower Pouch tutorial @handbookofnaturestudy
I have been experimenting with a variety of ways of putting pressed flowers and leaves in my nature journal. The latest way is to use a small piece of waxed paper, folding it to make a pouch. The pouch can then be adhered to the nature journal page or notebook page

Steps for Making a Waxed Paper Pouch 
for Your Nature Journal or Notebook Page

Pressed Flower Pouch (2)
Step 1: Cut a strip of waxed paper about 6 inches wide.

Pressed Flower Pouch (3)
Step 2: Fold the two long edges and one small edge up about half an inch.

Pressed Flower Pouch (4)
Step 3: Remove your pressed flower from your press. For instructions on how to make a flower press with cardboard, copier paper, and rubber bands, see my tutorial in this entry: How to Make a Plant Press.

Pressed Flower Pouch (7)
Step 4: Place the pressed flower into the pouch with the folds of the waxed paper holding it in place.

Pressed Flower Pouch (8)
Step 5: Fold the top flap over, crease the wax paper, and insert the flap behind the bottom fold. This will keep the flower from slipping out of the pouch and it will allow you to open the flap and view the pressed flower when desired.

Pressed Flower Pouch 9
Step 6: Adhere the pouch in your nature journal or onto your notebook page using double sided tape or a tape runner.

You can custom make the pouch to fit any size space you have in your nature journal. Adjust the amount of paper you start with and how large you fold the pouch.

Adding pressed flowers and leaves to your nature journal gives them a more personal touch and will remind you of your time outdoors. Enjoy!


  1. Love this idea, Barb! Very frugal and easy to do with a nice end result.

  2. Barb,
    This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh love that Barn! Thank you for inspiring my next round of planning for our nature study yay! I have lots of pressed flowers, but they tend to fall out as time goes on.

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