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This may very well be the last time I host the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival here on the Handbook of Nature Study as an active homeschooler. This is my son’s final part of his senior year in high school and he will soon be on to bigger and better things.

I won’t think about that right now because it does make me a little sad. Let’s talk about things related to Charlotte Mason and her ideas for making our homeschools an environment for learning. “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

The official theme for this edition of the carnival is the science of relations. There are a few entries that will help define and encourage you in your endeavor to understand the “science of relations”.

The Science of Relations

My entry from my Harmony Art Mom blog is entitled: Charlotte Mason Knew the Secret to Learning Relationships. In this entry I show how we have applied this idea to our homeschooling in high school. I hope it helps define this idea for you if it is new to your family. I also wanted to share my Oregon Rocks entry with the carnival this time.

Nebby writes about the Science of Relations on her blog, Letters from Nebby. She mentions that it is the spark of interest that takes hold of our children that makes the difference. Nicely done Nebby.

Other Charlotte Mason Topics

Nadene from Practical Pages has submitted a wonderful entry on Word Banks. Would you like to see how she helps a reluctant writer by using key words and keeping it simple? See a step by step demonstration showing how to get young writers to the next level.

Nadene also shares how her middle schooler is learning to write notes from her reading: Highlight Main Ideas.  I love seeing how she steps her daughters through this sometimes difficult process. Excellent help to homeschoolers!

A Day in the Life of a Charlotte Mason Inspired Home School is Angie’s post on Habits for a Happy Home.  This is a glimpse into the way she brings a richness into their days with some Charlotte Mason ideas. Wonderful!

More narration help is in store in Carol’s entry to this edition to the carnival: Narration/Composition.  This post is loaded with visual examples from the various stages of written narration. This post will help a lot of people with some fresh ideas for narration

The Ultimate Guide to Living Books Based Curriculum! Jimmie has put together an entry full of resources and ideas for Charlotte Mason families striving to use living books. Don’t get carried away following all those links. :)

Lanaya from Delightful Education writes on this theme: Overcome the Dread of Bedtime Reading- Choose Living Books. She helps us to recognize the difference between a good living book and twaddle.

Lindafay from Higher Up and Further In has submitted the second installment in her nature journal series: The Second Stage of Nature Journaling. This is a topic near to the hearts of the Handbook of Nature Study blog so dig in and find some points to apply in your nature journals.

Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study: This post made my week…love the way the Hodgepodge family makes nature study a natural and simple extension to their life. Watch out for squishy mud toes!

Silvia from Homeschooling in a Bilingual Home My Ugly Neighborhood or Nature Study 101. She shares some realistic short and long term goals and some steps to making nature study a rewarding experience in even the “ugliest” of neighborhoods.

Leah from Home Grown Babies is Clinging Onto Summer.  I think a lot of us are feeling the same way and are trying to squeeze in a few more summer activities before the season changes.

Tricia from HodgePodge has submitted a fun chalk pastel tutorial for this edition of the carnival: Madeline Chalk Pastel Fun. I love how it ties their art and literature together!

Laura from Windy Hill Home School writes about her Plans for AO Year 2 for carnival readers. What a helpful post for those families that are going to be following along with this year too!

Jessica shares their Homeschool Plan 2012/2013 for carnival readers.They are putting an emphasis on living books right from the start. She also shares some free printables.

Nancy from the Sage Parnassus shares Gratitude is a Scattered Homeless Love. She recounts a little of the latest from the Living Education Retreat. What a beautiful setting!

A Few Additional Charlotte Mason Links 
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If you have any entries you would like to submit to the next carnival, you can send them to this email address: [email protected].



  1. You paint such a lovely picture of the science of relations – all the time on your blogs. Thank you for that. And for hosting. Savoring your photos!

  2. thanks for hosting! Will read all these when we finish school today :)

  3. Thank you for hosting, Barb! Your pictures are amazing – such a different area of the U.S. than the humid, lush lowcountry in South Carolina where I live. :-)

  4. Thank you for hosting the CM Blog Carnival! These posts look great!

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