Outdoor Hour Challenge: Using Your Words with Tree Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge: 
Ready for a simple nature study challenge this week?  Let’s use Challenge #2 Using Your Words to enjoy our outdoor time as we notice trees in our own backyard and neighborhood. Spend your fifteen minutes observing a tree up close and then follow up with some words. Your children can share their special words orally and then write them down if they wish.

Poetry and Nature Study Activity:
This week the challenge is to record your special words about trees in poem form for your nature journal.

Tree Poetry:Use this notebook page to record the words from your outdoor time. Choose one or more of the suggestions to get you started with your very own poem.

Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook
Getting Started Suggestion:
This week’s challenge comes directly from Challenge #2 Using Your Words. If you own the ebook, then you have a custom notebook page you can print to use in your nature notebook.

If you need an explanation of how the Outdoor Hour Challenge is going to work from this day forward, please read this entry:
Nature Study Using the Outdoor Hour Challenge – How to Steps and Explanation.


  1. It keeps raining on Friday here. :) This will be a fun exercise for a soggy day!

  2. Our Earth Champs group will be meeting on Friday and I am going to pose this challenge to some of our older kids. I won’t have poems to share until mid November, but hopefully we’ll get a few.

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