Outdoor Hour Challenge – Squirrel or Other Rodent

Outdoor Hour Challenge:
For this challenge, as part of our mammal study, complete a study of squirrels (or other rodent) using the Handbook of Nature Study. See the links below for previous studies.

Printable Notebook Page:
There is a free printable notebook page for you to use with your study of any rodent that you find during your nature study. Rodents included in the Handbook of Nature Study are the muskrat, house mouse, woodchuck, red squirrel, and the chipmunk.  

Rodent Notebook Page: Use this page with any rodent you observe during your outdoor time. Use information from the Handbook of Nature Study or you can check out a book from the library. 

Getting Started Suggestion:
If you already own the Getting Started ebook, this week’s challenge would be a great beginning to creating your own field guide of mammals in your own area. See Challenge #7-Your Own Field Guide. You can use the notebook page provided in the ebook for each mammal you study.

If you need an explanation of how the Outdoor Hour Challenge works, please read this entry:
Nature Study Using the Outdoor Hour Challenge – How to Steps and Explanation.

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