Crowe’s Nest Media: Incredible DVDs for Your Family

I want to thank my sponsor for the month of February for their wonderful products that encourage families to learn more about the awesome world around us! These DVD’s are such a gift to all of us with the amazing images and information that children love.

I encourage you to support this family business and share their work with your friends and family.

Want to learn more?

Crowe’s Nest Media DVDs
Read my complete review: Your Backyard Butterfly

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Watch one of the DVD trailers here: Life and Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly


  1. I have given you a blog award…
    I know you don’t do awards, but I thought it was a nice way to show you how much I appreciate your blog and the only rule for acceptance is to post a collection of some of your favorite photos you have taken and tell us why they are your favorite. What do they say about you and what you value? I thought you might like to do that.

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