Outdoor Hour Challenge – Reptiles and Amphibians Focus Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge:
Hopefully by now you have had a chance to get outside and look for a reptile or an amphibian to observe. If not, this week you can continue to use the subjects in the Handbook of Nature Study to pre-study any reptile or amphibian your family is interested in learning about. This challenge is to keep track of any reptiles and amphibians either with nature journal entries or just a simple list in your journal. For more information on how to focus on one area of nature study you can use the ideas in Outdoor Hour Challenge #4

Field Trip Idea: Reptiles and Amphibians
Use this free printable activity while on a field trip to a place in your local area that has reptiles and/or amphibians. This could be a zoo, pet store, nature center, or local park. Instructions are included on the bottom to create a mini-book to complete and then to attach in your nature journal. 
Free Printable Amphibian and Reptile Field Trip Mini-Book 

Getting Started Suggestion:
If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #4. As indicated above, use the ideas and the notebook page to record your focus on reptiles and amphibians using the Outdoor Hour Challenge and the Handbook of Nature Study.
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  1. The printable is perfect! Thank you for creating it.

  2. You are very welcome! I am trying to get a group of kids together to go to the zoo so we can use the printable….

    Have fun!

  3. Is this the right place to comment on the Singing Bird Studio? I liked the Dancing in the Rain keychain in the Joy Collection, my favorite collection is the Vintage, I prefer older looking things! (Maybe because I am old!!!)

  4. The prinatable is great : ) Thank you – we will be using it soon!

    Also, I loved the Singing Bird Studio’s necklace pendant This To Shall Pass…as it is a daily reminder that no matter how bad things get, they are not forever.

  5. My favorite is the flower this to shall pass keychain. Melanie

  6. I like the orange “Maintain your Joy” necklace.

  7. I like the clear, Maintain your Joy, pendant with blue letters. Cute! Like the printable, too!

  8. I like the “this too shall pass” black keychain. A good reminder!

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