Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – Night Sky Edition

OHC Blog Carnival

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This marks the last of the year as far as rotating through the nature study topics here on the Outdoor Hour Challenge. The night sky has been a thought-provoking study here in our home and one that is always enjoyed by lounging out on the deck after dark and just gazing up to notice the things going on up there at night. We spotted lots of interesting things to talk about even with friends, learning new things and sharing the information.

Our family’s night sky entries from this month’s study (in case you missed one):
Stargazing- Study Grid and Perseid Meteor Shower

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

Night Sky Grid Study
Alex from Life on a Canadian Island shares their Telescope Viewing, Sunset and Night Sky at the Beach entry with all of you to read and enjoy. She has included a link to an iPad link called Stellarium which looks great!

Carla from Inside Outside Michiana has contributed their Night Skies! entry to this edition of the carnival. She shares their experiences and some tips too!

Cristy from Cristy’s Nature Journal writes about their night sky/moon study in her entry to the carnival: Night Sky Challenge for the Outdoor Hour Challenge.  They even got to see the space station streak across the sky!

Jennifer from Royal Little Lambs submits her Antelope Island Camping entry which is jam packed with night sky study and lots of wildlife too! She captured a great night sky image for you to enjoy.

Nadene from Practical Pages has put together their South African entry for the carnival: Stars and Night Sky.  She shares their experiences and some additional resources with carnival readers.

Carla from Inside Outside Michiana shares their night sky entry: ETHOS:Science Sneak Peak Space. What a lot of great things going on this month related to the sky and night sky too!

Big Dipper Study
Alex from Life on a Canadian Island writes about their Summer Constellation Study for this edition of the carnival. She shares another great iPad app (Star Walk) along with screenshots that help you get more out of your night sky study.

Photo Credit: Mountain Man from The Schoolhouse on the Prairie

Moon and Craters Study
Alex from Life on a Canadian Island shares her entry: The Full Moon – August Study with carnival readers.  She captured a beautiful image of the moon and its craters.

Barbara from The Schoolhouse on the Prairie has submitted their The Night Sky on the Prairie and Beyond entry for you to enjoy.

Last Days of Summer
Alex from Life on a Canadian Island shares their Night Sky and Last Days of Summer Study with the carnival.  Alex shares some of her night sky plans and their progress in the Last Days of Summer activity.

Photo Credit: Robin from Academia

Robin from Academia shares their 10 Days At The Pond entry with you to enjoy.  She records many of their pond finds in images and words…also some drawings too!

Shirley Ann from Under An English Sky has submitted their OHC Butterflies entry. She says,”There is just no way that we could not spend a little time learning about and appreciating these insects.” I totally agree! She shares some amazing images and then their journal entries. Be inspired!

Rebecca from Down a Rabbit Trail shares her first entry with the carnival: Tadpole Hunger Games. She says, “We just put in our own little backyard tadpole pond this past month and have been very surprised by all the life that’s finding it way there.” Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Claire from Angelic Scalliwags

Claire from Angelic Scalliwags gives us an update on her One Year Pond Study: Week 23 had some new visitors to the pond and Week 25 is all about the Atmospheric Changes at the pond. These are some of the best nature study examples I have seen in awhile…each child experiencing the pond in their own way.

Eva Varga has submitted their South Slough Estuary entry to the carnival. She told me about this place years ago and I took my boys there to learn more about this interesting habitat. Read her entry for my information.  She also would love for you to read her entry: National Moth Week-Our First Experience where she tells about their try at participating in this Citizen Science project.

Eva shares on last entry to the carnival for this edition: Apples, Pears, and Bears, Oh My! With a title like that, don’t you just want to click over and read? Don’t miss her entry.

If you need help getting started with the Outdoor Hour Challenge, you can read this page and find everything you need to know.
How to Use the Outdoor Hour Challenge 2013-2014.

OHC Blog Carnival
Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in September are eligible for the next edition. The deadline for entries is 9/29/13 and you can send them directly to me: [email protected] or submit them at the blog carnival site (link on the sidebar of my blog).

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  1. I would love to try some of these ideas with my adventurous 2 year old.

  2. I have 2 little ones and think that the Nature Study for Toddlers would be great!

  3. I have 2 little ones and think the Nature Study for toddlers looks great!

  4. I have a 3 year old. I would love to win this for her.

  5. We have used some of the ISpy printables in the past with preschool groups at a nearby nature center–love the season ones! I have older boys, but also a 4 and 1 year old. We do lots of nature activities together! Would love to expand what we already love to do.

  6. I would like to win this to do with my grandbaby who is a toddler and loves being outside.

  7. I would like to win this for my grandbaby who is a toddler and loves to be outside.

  8. I have three!

  9. I have three!

  10. Would love these for my two littles : )

  11. Would love to win these for my nature lovin’ six and three year old.

  12. We had so much fun studying the night sky this month!
    Lots of wonderful entries again!

  13. I’ve been eyeing these cards for a while!

  14. I have a toddler and a preschooler that I am beginning nature study with and this would be most beneficial to our study. I came up on your blog looking for resources to print out and take along on our upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains.

  15. I have quite a few youngsters that aren’t ready for forma, school but soak up our nature times like little sponges. :)

  16. I have a preschooler and a soon-to-be-toddler.

  17. I have a preschooler and a soon-to-be-toddler.

  18. These would be a blessing to our homeschool for sure!

  19. These would be a blessing to our homeschool for sure!

  20. I have a 4yo that really enjoys getting dirty and exploring outside.

  21. I love doing nature things with my class full of preschoolers. Would love to try some of these activities!!

  22. I’m always looking for nature activities to do with my class full of preschoolers. This would be a welcome addition!!

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