Outdoor Hour Challenge – Moon and Craters

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Moon and Crater Study
This challenge will help you learn a little more about the moon and its craters. Use handheld binoculars or a telescope to view the craters on the moon’s surface. Keep it simple and fun. You can also use the Moon and Moon Names Challenge from the archives to support your study.

Additional Resources For This Challenge
How Far Away is the Moon? (YouTube video-kid friendly)
Explore Google Moon!
Activity: Making Moon Crater- Excellent activity from NASA!

Moon Crater Research Notebook Page

Advanced Activity:
Research more about the moon’s craters and record your information on this free printable notebook page.

Moon Crater Research Notebook Page

Additional Information:
Simple explanation for moon craters
Additional research: Learn About the Moons of Other Planets (scroll down to the “moons” section)

Getting Started Suggestion:
If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #3.  Make sure to read the pages in the Handbook of Nature Study for this challenge. We all need reminders about how to encourage our children in their nature journals. This week you can record what the moon looks like in your nature journal along with some thoughts about the moon and its craters. 


  1. Barb,

    I *love* the How to Make a Crater video from NASA. I will have to play it for the kids and do it with them.

    Thank you for all you do to get us outside and enjoying nature.

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