Creating a Nature Study Atmosphere-Starting With Your Attitude

Create a Nature Study Atmosphere in Your Home – It Starts With You

Nature Study- You can do this and your children will thank you. 

That really is my main message for this post and this entire blog. Nature study does not need to be difficult, dirty, or uncomfortable. In fact, the best nature study is done without much effort and is guided by your child’s interest in topics that come along.

The nature study we talk about here on my blog is meant to be simple, a constant vigilance for something to be interested in right in your own neighborhood.

  • Close to Home: Traveling to national parks can be a goal for everyone and I feel so very blessed to live in a part of the county where they are at my fingertips but your own backyard can produce meaningful nature study if you are aware of things that come along…you need to be watching and listening.
  • No Need for Group Learning: Participating in nature clubs can be a wonderful experience but having a few minutes with just your own kids outside each week can be just as wonderful.
  • Be Flexible: Focusing on one nature study topic gives your family a full picture of that aspect of nature but don’t miss out on other subjects that come around because they are not on topic. Take a detour if needed and remember that nature study should be a life-long endeavor.

I have observed that families that make nature study a consistent part of their everyday life are the ones that feel the most satisfaction. Honestly, it warms my heart to see and hear about the times where families have an opportunity arise and they drop everything to pursue the learning more. A spider in a web, a bird’s song, the weather, rocks in pockets….take a few minutes to share it with your children.

You may be surprised how your attitude changes with knowledge. 

In the end, what matters most is the way you view nature. Children are very keen observers and they will know when you are not excited about something. I can’t say I am always excited about every nature study topic…snakes and fish come to mind…but I do try to share my passion for learning new things and encourage my children to learn more about topics of interest. Funny thing is that once you start learning about things like snakes, the more interesting they become. The closer you look at a fish, the more beautiful it is.

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  1. So grateful for your blog and newsletters! Thank you for providing so much inspiration for nature walks.

  2. Thanks Lisa…you are very welcome. I look forward to hearing about your next nature walk.

  3. Yes! Thank you for the reminder that is can and is very simple and mom’s attitude has much to do with it. Wonderful encouragement!


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