Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – Nature Walks

October 2013 – Nature Walk Ideas

This edition of the Handbook of Nature Study newsletter is going to inspire you to take more nature walks! All of the authors are enthusiastic about some aspect of taking a nature walk….showing how families can personalize their nature walk experiences and grow closer together in the process. Our wish is that this Nature Walk Ideas edition of the newsletter will help you get started or remind you to keep it going on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Contents of this edition of the newsletter include: 

  • 5 articles to inspire and encourage your family
  • October Study Grid – this month’s theme is “color and texture”
  • 2 printable notebooking pages for your nature journal
  • Lots of my favorite links to inspire some additional study and fun

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  1. Thanks for another lovely newsletter Barb!

  2. You are amazing and your handbook has so inspired me. I teach art to kinder through 6th. The art room is moving outside for the month of October to search for squirrels, pumpkins and leaves! Thank you and all the best, Cheryl Schellenberg

  3. Barb, I know I’m subscribed, but I can’t find my email to get my link for the newsletter. Can you send me another email with the link?
    Thanks so much! We enjoy the outdoor studies and exploring our backyard.


  4. Hi Karen,

    The newsletter link will be in every email you get from me all month. Look at the bottom of your next email. :)

  5. Thanks!

  6. Went on our first Atlas Quest today and the kids had a blast. Even if we did get sticky burs all over us!! Thanks for posting that.

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