Outdoor Hour Challenge – Burdock Wildflower Study


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NOTE: Once again this week, if you don’t find any burdock in your neighborhood, please pick another weed or wildflower to study.

Inside Preparation Work

  • Read pages 527-529 (Lesson 142) in the Handbook of Nature Study. Read through the lesson activity suggestions for ideas to use in your family. Discuss how the burdock is a “selfish” plant.
  • Watch this video to mainly see what the leaves and roots look like: Wild Edibles. It is up to you whether you want to try eating it or not, I mainly like this video because it gives a clear look at what burdock looks like so you can search in your local area.
  • This site has clear images for identification: Natural Biodiversity.
  • Advanced Study Idea: Watch this video showing how the idea for Velcro came from the burrs of a burdock plant: http://youtu.be/7Tv14c17PIQ

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • This time of year you should be able to identify both first and second year burdock plants. The first year plants will have a basal arrangement of leaves and the second year will have the flower stalk, flowers, and perhaps stickers.
  • Collect some burrs from the burdock plant to look at under your magnifying lens at home.
  • Advanced Study: If you have permission, dig up a burdock plant and carefully sketch and label the plant’s parts in your nature journal.
  • If you don’t have any burdock to study, make sure to look for another plant with sticker burrs to observe.

Follow-Up Activity

  • Record in your nature journal your burdock observations. You can use the notebook page provided with the ebook. Younger children can use the coloring page in the ebook.
  • If you were able to collect some burrs from the burdock plant, look at them with a magnifying lens or microscope. Why do you think this part of the burdock plant led to the development of Velcro.
  • Advanced Study: Do research about invasive species of plants in your area and then complete the notebook page included in the ebook.

Additional Links

Here is a video:

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  1. Diane Vitas says:

    I just started homeschooling this year using the simply charlotte mason curriculum. i signed up for the $45/year handbook of nature subscription. Today is the first chance I started looking at the website and I am confused. Where do I go to read the specific pages mentioned in the Handbook of Nature Study? Is it online or a book I should have?

  2. I just wanted to say that I found this study lesson very interesting! I live in Japan and eat burdock root all the time but have never seen the actual plant. I had no idea its flowers were so beautiful. Now Im curious and want to learn more about it. Thanks a lot!

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