Autumn Nature Journal Examples

Autumn Nature Journal  (2)

There is something about autumn that makes me want to create a nature journal, capturing the last bits of warm weather left, the few colorful weeds still left blooming, the trees, the change of birds.

Autumn Nature Journal  (1)

Using the grid from this month’s newsletter, I did a simple page that will be filled by the end of the month. It is a simple record of some of the changes and interesting events observed this month.

Autumn Nature Journal  (3)

There was also some time during our visit to Yosemite to create a page for the thistles that were growing and blooming right behind our campsite. Nothing fancy but meaningful to me as I enjoyed an autumn afternoon sitting on a log and sketching a few thistles.

Have you created any journals this month yet? There is still time left to do one or two pages!


  1. Thank you for showing us. It is neat to see an example of someone else’s journal. My children have been doing theirs weekly. Even the 2 year old loves to do hers (scribbles and then sometimes I write for her in it what she wants to say). It is cute to see her into it…she sits down and looks hard at things and talks about what she sees and what all the scribbles are as she works. I do find it hard to do my own journal with the littler ones around but I have been able to do a few this fall. My favourite was on seeds we found. Thank you for all the inspiration, you inspired us to include this in our week and it has really made a difference for us to do nature study each week (some weeks even more than once).

    • Barb McCoy says:

      So glad you are keeping your own journal AND encouraging your little ones to participate as well. You are very welcome for the encouragement….keep it going!

  2. unschool mama says:

    beautiful writing! How old is this kid?

  3. I think that I would like to keep a Nature Journal, because it will motivate me to get out in nature. A 7 year old

  4. Karleen Mauldin says:

    LOVE this! I started receiving the newsletter Oct. 10 — where can I find that “Fall Tree Grid” ?? Thank you!

  5. The leaves have not been great for color this year in North Carolina also. Interesting observation!

  6. hello there. i know it is late in the month, but i want to start an autumn journal. i deleted my october newsletter without saving the goodies. can you take a moment and resend it? i will really appreciate your help.

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