Outdoor Hour Challenge – Hawks

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Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • This is a bird watching week so take some time outside where you can watch for a bird in real life to observe. Of course it would be great to see a hawk in flight but you can use any bird you find and compare it to a hawk.
  • Use the Bird Observation printable in the ebook to record your bird observations. You can take the page out on a clipboard along with a pencil to look carefully at any bird you see during your outdoor time.

Follow-Up Activities:

  • Create a nature journal entry to record your favorite hawk information. You might choose one of the hawks listed above to study more in depth using a field guide or online resource. There are notebook pages and two coloring pages for younger children included in the ebook for you to use.
  • Advanced study: Research all the hawks in your local area, creating nature journal entries for each one.  Make sure to sketch the silhouette of the flying hawk in your nature journal so you can more easily identify it in the field.
  • Advanced study: Use the links above to listen to each hawk’s call. Try to imitate the call and record what it sounds like on your nature journal page.

Here is a wonderful introduction video: Identifying Raptors

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