Outdoor Hour Challenge – Sumac Nature Study

Sumac Nature Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages 683-686 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson 189). There is a lot of information contained in these pages so I suggest reading it with a highlighter in hand in order to mark the parts you would like to share with your children. Make sure to look at the diagram of the “bob” for future reference.
  • Check this map to see if you have Staghorn Sumac trees native to your state: USDA.
  • Here is a YouTube video: Staghorn Sumac Identification.
  • NOTE: I do not promote or encourage eating any part of the sumac tree.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • The Handbook of Nature Study suggests an autumn study of the sumac tree. Look in Lesson 189 for the section that says, “Method”. There you will find listed some suggestions for observations of the fruit (cherry), leaf,  and the general appearance.  If you don’t have a Staghorn sumac to study, find another tree in the sumac family to study. See below for a short list of alternatives.
  • The Handbook of Nature Study suggests making a watercolor of the sumac in autumn (and also in winter).
  • Advanced Study: Use suggestion #3 to make careful observations of the leaflets, following the drawing instructions for a field nature journal entry.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry for the sumac tree. This can be as simple as a sketch of something interesting, a caption, and a date. There are also notebook pages included in the ebook for you to use if you prefer (advanced study notebook page).
  • Advanced Study: Research a plant in the Anacardiaceae family using online resources. Trees in this family include the  cashew, pistachio, Chinese pistache, mango, and wild plum. (You can see more on the list at this website which also has images: http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ecoph43.htm)
  • Winter Work: See Lesson 189 in the Handbook of Nature Study, Idea #6 for ideas.
  • May or June Work: See Lesson Idea #7 for study ideas.

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