Outdoor Hour Challenge – Bracket Fungi

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Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages 721-725 (Lesson 200) in the Handbook of Nature Study. This lesson is full of interesting information that will help you find and identify bracket fungi.
  • Youtube video: Bracket Fungus
  • You may wish to view some of the images on this page: Bracket Fungi.

Here are links to the three bracket fungi mentioned in this lesson in the Handbook of Nature Study:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Go on a fungus hunt! Talk with your children and make a list of possible places to visit as you look for some bracket fungus. Help them understand that they need to look for dead wood and it can be found low or high on the tree.
  • This would be a great challenge to bring along a camera for your child to record their discoveries. If you find any  mushrooms at all, take time to look at them and study their structure.
  • Advanced Study: Collect a fungus to bring inside to study more closely and with a magnifying lens or microscope.
  • Advanced Study: If you find a bracket fungus growing on a living tree, try to find the wound that allowed the fungus to grow there.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry using the information you found in your pre-study and include a photo or sketch of your fungus. You can use the notebook page in the ebook if you wish.
  • If you found another mushroom instead of the Bracket fungi, you might like to complete this Extraordinary in the Ordinary notebook page.
  • Advanced Study: Create a detailed nature journal entry showing where you found your bracket fungus, the identity of your fungus, and any interesting facts about it using your nature journal or the notebook page provided in the ebook.

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