Outdoor Hour Challenge – Bloodroot

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Outdoor Hour Challenge



Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • The Handbook of Nature Study suggests that the bloodroot be studied in its natural setting so plan on taking a early spring wildflower hike in the woods. Look for the leaves and flowers of the bloodroot, remembering that the flower will be wrapped in a leaf before it blossoms.
  • Make sure your state doesn’t have the bloodroot on its Threatened or Endangered Species list before you pick any flowers or dig up any plants: USDA.
  • The Handbook of Nature Study suggests a comparison of the bloodroot and the poppy (#7). If you have access to both flowers, this is a simple way to hone your observations skills.
  • If you live where bloodroot is not native (like here in California), look for its relative the California poppy. There is a Outdoor Hour Challenge for the poppy: Poppies and Buttercups.

Follow-up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry for the bloodroot recording the various observations suggested in the Handbook of Nature Study lesson.
  • There is a coloring page included in the ebook: Bloodroot.
  • There is a notebook page included in the ebook for any Early Spring Wildflower you find to study.
  • Advanced Study: There are many flowers in the Poppy family ( Papaveraceae). Research two flowers in this family and record your facts in your nature journal or on this notebook page.  There is a notebook page to compare the bloodroot and the poppy included in this ebook.
  • Advanced Study: Read about the Native American traditional uses of Bloodroot.

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