Once a Month Nature Journal Project-Use Numbers

Once a Month Nature Journal Project - with Numbers

Once a Month Journal Project – March Idea

This month try to create at least one nature journal that includes numbers in some way. I always love a good list and it makes the blank page not so intimidating if you have a way to get started. You could combine some numbers with a photo or sketch if that helps get the page started as well. After making your sketch, use some numbers to describe the object or to record some facts and figures from your field guide.

Nature Journal Page Ideas:

1. Use numbers in captions: the date, the size of something, the number of items.

2. Create a numbered list of things (birds seen, local wildflowers, hikes taken, etc).

3.  Record the temperature, wind speed, rainfall or snowfall numbers to make a record of your weather.

You can find some of my nature journal pages with numbers on the Pinterest board for inspiration. See the link below.

I have created a Pinterest Board for journal page examples. I will label each entry with the prompt that describes it best for future reference.

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Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy


  1. I love everything I see in these handbooks in the notebook pages, etc., but to be quite honest I get so OVERWHELMED with the amount of information, options, levels of participation, and available links, that I end up giving up because I don’t know what I have already done/have & honestly don’t know how to proceed. I don’t know exactly how I got from the NotebookingPages to here, etc. I’m educated & desirous of utilizing what wonderful resources you have so generously made available and have a grandchildren that I would love to get involved as well. I am truly frustrated. If you have any 1-2-3′s to help me please let me know. It may be right in front of my eyes but I missed it. Thanks.

    • Barb McCoy says:

      You have to realize that I have been posting nature study ideas for over eight years here on the Handbook of Nature Study so there is a lot of information to help your family. I would suggest two things: Read this entry: https://handbookofnaturestudy.com/2014/01/question-from-reader-how-to-get-started.html/ first and then click over to see the very first ten Outdoor Hour Challenges using the “Getting Started” tab at the top of the page. You can view each challenge and work from the blog entry if you don’t want to purchase a membership. But, with your paid membership you will get this ebook with all its custom notebook pages to use as a follow up. Don’t get overwhelmed…just get started with something that interests you and your children.

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