Outdoor Hour Challenge – Bluets

Outdoor Hour Challenge Bluets Flower Study @handbookofnaturestudy


Outdoor Hour Challenge
Bluets Flower Study

Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Look for bluets, noting that there are two forms of the flower as illustrated in the Handbook. The lesson in the Handbook says to bring in sod covered in bluets but it would be better to leave the plants where you find them and make your observations outdoors.
  • Look for any blue, lavender, or purple wildflowers to observe as part of this Outdoor Hour Challenge. Sketch at least one in your nature journal.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry for bluets and include a sketch of the flower. If you can, sketch both forms of the flower.
  • Use this website link to identify any blue/lavender wildflowers you found: Blue Wildflowers.  Use the notebook page included in the ebook to record your blue, lavender, or purple wildflower.
  • Advanced Study:  Find a wildflower to dissect using the notebook page included in the ebook.

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