Outdoor Hour Challenge – Petunia Flower Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge Petunia Flower Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Petunia Flower Study

Inside Preparation Work:

  • Read pages 581-584 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson #162).  Read the narrative pages in the book and mark several interesting features of the petunia that you would like to share with your children.
  • Youtube videos of petunias: Growing Petunias and Petunia with a Hummingbird Moth.
  • If you don’t already have petunias growing in your garden, visit the garden nursery and allow your child to pick out a petunia plant to study as part of this Outdoor Hour Challenge. While you are there, you could also pick up the other two garden flowers that will be covered in this ebook: geraniums and nasturtiums. I would suggest purchasing plants and not seeds  for these nature studies.
  • Advanced Study: Read pages 320-325 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson #75) and learn about the hummingbird or sphinx moth. You will oftentimes observe this moth in petunia flowers.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Observe petunia plants either growing in your garden or in a pot from the nursery.
  • Use some of the observation ideas from the Handbook to learn more about the petunia flower.
    • #2 and #4 Sketch or describe the flower.
    • #6 Cut open a flower and describe its parts.
    • #9 Describe the stems.
    • #11 Describe the seed capsule.
  • Use a magnifying lens to look at parts of the flower up close.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry for your petunia study, recording your observations from your outdoor time. Use the notebook page included in the ebook if you wish.
  • I thought this was a helpful drawing tutorial: How to Draw a Petunia.
  • Advanced Study:  Create nature journal entries for both the petunia and the hummingbird moth. Notebook pages are included in the ebook.

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