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Once a Month Nature Journal Project Make a List @handbookofnaturestudy

Once a Month Journal Project – August Idea

I apologize for the delay in posting this….it has been a crazy busy month and I just never published this. Enjoy it now!

I love a good list! Lists create a visual record of your nature study using words and help get you over the fear of a blank page.

Nature Journal Page Ideas:

  • After your next nature outing, pull out your journal and a pen or pencil. Jot a list of things that you saw of interest. You can create a general list or a more topical list. See the Pinterest board for ideas to get you started.
  • Number your list or use bullet points.
  • Create lines on the page if you want your writing to be a little straighter.
  • Draw a box on the page and then fill it in with a list.
  • List your favorite subjects from your nature walk.
  • Keep a running list of items observed, like a bird life list. I have a free printable list notebook page for you to use if you would like: Running List Notebook Page.

I have created a Pinterest Board for journal page examples. I will label each entry with the prompt that describes it best for future reference.

Previous Month’s Ideas:

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Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy

If you would like to contribute to the board, you will need to follow this Pinterest Board and then leave me a comment letting me know you want to be added. Important: If you contribute to the board, you need to include in your description the prompt it is featuring.

Sample: Our The Window Nature Journal

If you don’t include a description using one of the monthly journal prompts, I may remove it. This is not a board to post general nature journal pages. It is strictly for pages created using one of the twelve monthly prompts as part of this project.

Please note that you are not committed to make a journal each month…participate as you can and share your results to encourage others.


  1. Yes! Lists are great! I have a list nature journal entry, but it’s dated in September…not sure if I can still share it with the pinterest board or not?

  2. Barb McCoy says:

    Of course! You can add any page from any time as long as it has the theme of any of the Once a Month Nature Journal ideas.

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