Outdoor Hour Challenge – Jewelweed

Outdoor Hour Challenge Jewelweed @handbookofnaturestudy. Wildflower and weed nature study.

Outdoor Hour Challenge


Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Look for jewelweed in the shade and in damp places. Study the plant where you find it growing.
  • Here are a few things to look for: flowers, pods, galls on the leaves, leaf-miners.
  • As you walk outdoors, take note of other wildflowers and weeds that have gone to seed. Try to determine the means of seed dispersal and compare it to the jewelweeds explosive pods.
  • Look for any autumn blooming wildflowers to observe. Use a field guide or the internet to identify them.

Follow-Up Study:

  • Create a nature journal entry for the jewelweed or any other autumn blooming wildflower you observed during your outdoor time.  Make sure to use the questions in the lesson in the Handbook of Nature Study to make careful observations of the jewelweed.
  • Draw a detailed sketch of the jewelweed pod and explain its means of seed dispersal.
  • Advanced study: Create a nature journal entry that includes a description of the medicinal use of jewelweed.

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  1. Ah, Jewelweed. After discovering this wildflower a few years ago, it quickly became one of my favorite plants. The exploding seed pods are just so much fun to touch. However, the absolutely coolest thing is to look at the underside of the leaf when you put it in water. It looks like it turns to silver (I think of mercury). And then when you take it out, it looks completely dry! I wrote about it a couple of years ago in this post.


    Thanks, Barb. This reminded me to take a few minutes to observe jewelweed while I was out hiking this weekend. I can find it all over the place in CT!


    • Really? I will be in CT in two weeks. I hope that it is still around for me to observe in real life!!! Thanks for the link too.

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